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Updated: 1 hour 43 min ago

Infor Ming.le – A new solution for old problems

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 10:03

Infor Ming.le, is a new comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement and contextual analytics. This most innovative social media concept enables an employee to work more effectively as it brings social communication together with business processes. The core difference between Infor Ming.le and other information sharing technologies is Ming.le is fully embedded with the organisations main systems for example ERP and SunSystems. 

Introduction of d/EPM

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 08:59

Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM), is a next-generation analytics platform that unites Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). d/EPM is a purpose-driven in design and development, united platform that runs on a single system and can harmonise with enterprise application data in real-time. This product provides customers access to the latest performance management needs such as integrated social collaboration, mobility, cloud, and big data via an architecture that is modern, elegant, and simple.

Introduction of Infor Query & Analysis Evolve 1.1

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 10:00

On Thursday 16th October 2014, at annual customer day, TRG International demonstrated to our clients the latest enhancements for Infor Query & Analysis Evolve.

Infor SunSystems 6.2 general release

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 08:00

On Thursday 16th October 2014, at annual customer day, TRG International demonstrated to our clients the latest enhancements for SunSystems and Infor Query & Analysis.

What's SunSystems 6.2?
The recent release of Infor SunSystems Version 6.2 is built on the existing SunSystems Version 6.1 part of the Infor10x solution set by delivering a number of new features and modules guaranteed to offer the most advanced functionally including: user interface improvements, more web enablement, improved security and business unit administration and the new Extended Analysis module.

Guideline to a successful ERP journey – Part 3: Stay on track

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 09:30

As discussed in the lastest blog, the step 2 for an ERP implementation is to get started, which includes three main parts: developing a smart project structure, creating an effective network, and providing proper training for your organization.

After completing those steps, then you should finalise and stay on the right track for your ERP implementation. Make sure to check out these steps:

Is it time to add Agile BI capabilities? 10 questions for CIOs (Part 3)

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 09:30

In our last blog post, we uncovered four more questions that CIOs need to ask to see if the time is right to apply Agile BI capabilities to their business. This post will discuss the last three questions in this 10-question series.

Is it time to add Agile BI capabilities? 10 questions for CIOs (Part 2)

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 09:30

Our recent blog post revealed the first three out of ten questions that CIOs must answer before deciding whether to implement an Agile BI system. These questions are: “Can you continuously react in time to constantly changing business requirements?” “Are you tired of hearing that every new BI requirement results in changes to multiple programs and other components?” and “Have your business analysts, developers and DBAs been stuck in meetings for months seeking new enterprise data models?” Now let’s continue our series with the following four essential questions:

Is it time to add Agile BI capabilities? 10 questions for CIOs (Part 1)

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 09:30

In the 1980s, business intelligence (BI) applications were first introduced to address employees’ problem with the mountain of data. BI is increasingly effective in helping these workers transform large amounts of data into helpful and insightful information. Check out these 10 questions before deciding whether to implement an Agile BI system into your business:

Guideline to a successful ERP journey - Part 2: Get Started

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 09:30

As discussed in the last post, the prerequisite for an ERP implementation is planning, which includes three main parts: getting the whole organization involved in the project, removing all potential barriers and looking over the company’s history.


8 ways to enhance your business intelligence (BI) (Part 2)

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 14:30

In the last post, we discussed the first four out of eight ways to improve a company’s business intelligence (BI): develop an insightful workforce, be able to deliver critical information, make unstructured data more useful and focus on the future. Now let’s uncover the last four approaches to increasing the efficiency of BI in your organisation.

8 ways to enhance your business intelligence (BI) (Part 1)

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 09:30

Business intelligence (BI) offers very helpful tools designed to enable companies to collect useful information; however, as with any intelligence tool, these should be used wisely in order to achieve optimal performance. Unfortunately, many organisations don’t consider BI an essential part of their operation, but rather see it as a supporting tool, which may influence the way they approach it and, hence, negatively affects business performance.

How about you? Have you been using it intelligently? Check out the tips in our series “8 ways to improve your BI” below.

5 key criteria when choosing the right financial accounting system

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 09:30

Out-of-date and inflexible financial accounting systems may cost you more than you can imagine. It can bog you down with complex and slow information analysical capabilities. It also provides limited options so that you cannot get exactly what you want out of it. In this new age of technology, modern CFOs need a financial accounting system that empowers them to take control and be able to solve current problems and future challenging changes. Before deciding which software suits your business most, it is essential to consider 5 key criteria as follows:

3 key features of any financial management software

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 09:30

Financial management software is becoming an increasingly important part of every organisation. It helps companies to manage and understand their business deeper from accounting to project management and strategic planning. When the financial management system malfunctions, the consequences will negatively affect the profitability and the success of the organisation.

Increase customer satisfaction with the innovated POS system

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 09:30

Point of Sale (POS) is going through rapid change driven by emerging technology trends and innovations. In the last post, we discussed the explosion of hardware and software innovation and its impacts on this evolution. In this post, we will introduce one more critical part and its impact in POS innovation.

Guideline to a successful ERP journey - Part 1: Planning

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 09:30

Executing an ERP implementation project is among the most expensive, time-consuming and complicated tasks an organization can take on. Delays or unexpected expenses are a risk at all times. To avoid these costly mistakes, having a good plan right from the start is necessary. This series will provide you with step-by-step guidelines for preparing an ERP implementation.

How-To successfully adopt Accounts Payable automation

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 09:30

In our latest blogs, we have discussed the essential role and financial benefits of accounts payable management to the retailing industry. Accounts payable automation, workflow, and e-invoicing have for long been a solution for common AP problems due to human errors. Despite the fact that AP automation can improve accounts payable and financial management significantly, many companies are still applying manual entry.

5 must-haves to buy the best ERP software (Part 2)

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 09:30

In the last post, we have discussed 2 keypoints that you must do before choosing a proper ERP system for your business. Today, we will have a look over the last 3 things should be in your check lists.

The explosion of hardware and software innovation in POS system evolution

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 09:30

Along with the emerging trends in technology, Point of Sale (POS) is thought to be also going through a profound transformation. New trends such as intertwined drivers of mobile devices and sensor proliferation, the transition of back-office systems to the cloud, the demand of enhancing customer experiences, etc., have led to changes in consumer behavior.

5 must-haves to buy the best ERP software (Part 1)

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 09:30

Whether you have already implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or not, you always need to prepare big time for it. Every concern should be put up for consideration: who is the right vendor for your ERP system, what questions should be asked and how to eventually make your project successful when you start planning.