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Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

In today's information-saturated business world it's more important than ever to have information you can trust, where and when you need it. Enterprise Performance Management software streamlines and accelerates the process of gathering and shaping your data for management and statutory purposes, and makes it visible to everyone who needs it. It also helps you close your books quickly, issue accurate financial reports, and control the key business processes that you rely on to manage your business.

Our Infor EPM solutions help you with:

  • Reducing your reliance on one-off spreadsheets for budgets, plans, and reports
  • Decreasing the time spent on planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles
  • Getting better insight into company performance and the factors that drive your business
  • Spending more time on analysis
  • Improving decision making
  • Producing more reliable information and drive results

The Infor EPM difference

Infor Enterprise Performance Management can help you improve your enterprise, no matter what industry you operate in. Link your corporate strategy to your operational process and generate insights and information that can be used to increase your productivity, control costs, and drive greater revenue growth. Financial performance management, strategic planning, software and many other powerful tools are all available when you implement an Infor performance management solution. You will enjoy greater visibility and control across your enterprise, helping you effectively plan and drive your company's future.

With increased financial reporting and analysis power at your fingertips, you can move through processes quickly and with total confidence. Eliminate the hassle of multiple, difficult to integrate spreadsheets by consolidating your information in one central place with Infor, and enjoy the multiple benefits of greater accuracy and precision. Our business performance management solutions are built on the foundation of 30 years of experience in helping organizations improve their performance. By consolidating your performance data, we help you focus on making decisions that improve your business instead of worrying about data accuracy and inconsistency.

Best choice

Infor CPM Planning and Budgeting: Create realistic budgets, drive plans, predict trends, and model accurate forecasts.

Infor CPM Financial Consolidation: Confidently close your books, report, and publish financial results to management, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies.

Infor CPM Strategy Management: Clearly and effectively develop and communicate your strategic plans using a variety of planning methodologies.

Infor CPM Reporting & Analysis: Analyse data when you need it most and deliver key information to your decision makers.

Infor ION BI: Get a platform to deliver operational insight to your key employees.