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Financial Management

Financial Management

Reports about the challenges and risks finance managers face today aren't news to you—you live them every day. You need financial management solutions that reduce costs; shorten process cycle times; deliver timely, actionable financial information; enforce global financial standards and controls; and improve business transparency.

Why choose us for Financial Management?

We bring you a complete package – software plus services – to help you get the most out of technology:

  • Market-leading financial management solutions that help you respond to unique market requirements, enhance your multinational financial management capabilities, and streamline processes
  • Compliance with both global (IFRS) and local (VAS) accounting standards
  • 18 years’ proven success of implementation services

Best choice

Infor SunSystems:  This comprehensive, global financial management system helps you meet changing regulatory requirements, information requests, and evolving business strategies with confidence. Functions include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, sales order processing, and financial and operational reporting and analysis.

Infor Query & Analysis: Not only provides analytics, business intelligence, reporting and alerting software using familiar desktop tools, it also helps your company generate a fast return on your investment.

Infor Expense Management: Gain control over all the policies and options that make your business uniquely valuable with Infor's Expense Management solutions.