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The workplace of the 21st century is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven in part by innovation in consumer technology. People are increasingly bringing the smartphones, tablets and other devices they use ubiquitously in their personal lives into the workplace and expecting the same kind of rich, self-service experience they have at home.

This "consumerisation" is driving rapid change in business and IT, dissolving the lines between work and play, the office, and home or somewhere in between. Today's "workplace" is no longer a building you go to; it's wherever you find inspiration.

With virtual computing, businesses can:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of branch IT
  • Give IT the power to say "Yes!" to personal laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Overcome business interruptions and ensure business continuity
  • Deliver mobility across a global workforce
  • Secure information and minimise risk
  • Improve agility and efficiency through work shifting

Why choose us for Virtualisation?

We bring you a complete package – software plus services – to help you get the most out of technology:

  • Market-leading solutions that include desktop, application and server virtualisation
  • 12 years’ proven success of implementation services

Best choice

Desktop virtualisation is a set of mainstream technologies that optimise the delivery of desktops, applications and data to users. The operating system, apps and data are decoupled from the underlying PC hardware and moved to the datacentre, where they can be centrally managed and secured. Instead of juggling thousands of static desktop images, IT can manage and update the OS and apps once, from one location, then deliver desktops and apps that are customised to meet the performance, security and mobility requirements of each individual user.

Application virtualisation technology isolates applications from the underlying operating system and from other applications to increase compatibility and manageability. This application virtualisation technology enables applications to be streamed from a centralised location into an isolation environment on the target device where they will execute.

Server virtualisation is a proven technology that enables multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server. Each virtual machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a thin layer of software known as a hypervisor. This allows each virtual machine to run different operating systems and applications. Because the machines have been decoupled from the underlying host, the guest can also be moved from one physical server host to another while running; this is known as live migration. These attributes are transforming how organisations approach virtual computing.