350,000 hotel rooms

Total room number of the largest hotel companies are managed by Infor Software

80+ Countries

Largest hospitality properties around the world choose TRG as their solution provider.

600+ System Integrations

TRG has done integrations to different IT systems of hotel properties worldwide.

Industries we serve

Financial Services

Our solutions improve the efficiency of your accounting and reporting systems.


Make accurate financial decisions from any location, at any time, on any device.


Transform complex manufacturing processes into a competitive advantage.


Helps manage a wide array of human resources activities for every company.


Manage the entire process from concept to consumer in one solution.


We are likely to see the education industry completely transform digitally.

Oil & Gas

Revolutionize complex exploration processes into a competitive advantage.


Solutions have helped businesses increase revenue and control expenses


We provide adaptable and comprehensive solutions regardless of industry you're in.

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Events and Webinars

Knowledge-oriented and interactive learning events.

Check out our calendar and take your pick on our upcoming events, webinars, forum and conventions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TRG's charity trip to Dak Lak lighten people's hardships and encourage them to continue their studies and help them prepare for the Lunar New Year.

TRG CSR event in highlands
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