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This conference is exclusively tailored for hotel owners, operators and general managers.

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Event Description

The program is designed to give an in-depth look on how the latest hospitality technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, HMS, Cloud and other powerful hospitality IT solutions can empower meaningful guests experiences, with seamless hotel operation and revenue maximization. In addition, it will give a holistic picture from tourism facts & outlook in Southeast Asia.

With more than 25 years’ experience in providing hospitality solutions for more than 800 hotels worldwide, TRG International, with its partners Infor and Vina Data, are honored to bring you this event. We have joining us some of the top experts in the World of Hospitality.

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Full day seminar with technology exhibition, keynote presentations & panel discussion in dual language.

09:00 Am

Granger Whitelaw

Director, TRG International

09:30 Am

Richard Yvanovich

CEO & Founder, TRG International

09:35 Am

Chris Griblle

VP & GM - Infor Hospitality Asia Pacific

10:00 Am

Ken Atkinson

Grant Thornton

Travel & Tourism Vietnam

An update on opportunities and challenges

10:30 Am

10:45 Am

Ted Horner

General Director, E Horner & Associates

Keynote Presentation

The Future of Hotel Technologies - A review of latest worldwide trend in hotel technologies and data such as voice assistant, robot, AI, Internet of Things, biometric authentification, etc. These technologies allows enormous opportunities for hotels to improve operations, personalize services that meet individual needs of guests.

11:30 Am

Vu Minh Tri

Vice President, Cloud Services, VNG Corporation – Managing Director, VinaData

11:45 am

12:00 NOON

  2:45 Pm

  3:15 Pm


Panel Discussion

Topic: Hotel Technology and its Impact on the Hospitality Industry.

  4:00 Pm

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