Internships in Vietnam

TRG offers a wide array of internships in Vietnam that give you the opportunity to join our team of professionals and gain experience working in a large international company.

Here at TRG, we believe in constant growth and betterment. Therefore, we expect you to take charge of your own internship and help us assign you to the tasks you want to do. If you want to jump head-first and take a lot of responsibility, we will give you the chance to do so or if you want to take it slowly and ease into the work tasks, we will give you the freedom to do so.

There are two ways to apply for an internship at TRG. You can either apply directly here or go through one of our partners.

The selection process

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2. Assessment
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3. Interview *
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4. Offer
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* Complete assessment is required.

Our Goal for you...

TRG gives you the opportunity to: gain real work experience from a large diverse international company in our Vietnam location; and be integrated into our team of professionals; and discover your likes and dislikes in a safe environment...

Find internships in Vietnam

Join us on our international internships in Vietnam's diverse culture. We offered a wide array of programs to our interns coming from different countries around the world. During your internship in our Vietnam location, you will be given multiple opportunities to experience real jobs, real responsibilities, and gain a very wide range of soft and hard skills. We think of you as our colleagues, as a full-time staff, you would have full of benefits in compliance with Vietnam’s labour code and TRG policy.

12+ Internships in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, TRG International offers more than 12 vacancies in our Ho Chi Minh City office ranging from software, marketing, and business development areas. This financial city of the country has great weather that every intern will enjoy, beautiful countryside to hang out, affordable cost of living and great food!

Vietnam Internship Visa

All foreign students that will do an internship in Vietnam must apply for an intern visa, also known as DH Student Visa. An authorization letter from the Vietnamese government must be obtained in order to get this type of visa. Fortunately, there is an online visa portal available so you can get to Vietnam hassle-free.

The portal will only require personal information and the purpose of the visa you are applying for. Online payment is required in order for the authorization letter to be processed. the authorization letter will be asked when you arrive at your preferred airport in Vietnam where you will be given your visa sticker to pass the immigration gate.

Visit Vietnam e-Visa Portal

If you need help in your internship application in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We are proud of our diverse workforce and we are ready to foster it further more.

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