Day in the life of an intern

A day in the life of an intern from an intern’s perspective.

Review of internship in Vietnam

Mads Nielsen, Marketing Intern
Aalborg University
Aalborg SØ, Northern Region, Denmark

One of the great things about interning at TRG is being given the opportunity to be a part of many different events if you want to. You could for example help represent TRG at a career fair, giving you the opportunity to get out of the office to different universities in Ho Chi Minh City and inform students about TRG and the opportunities that come with an internship here. You could also help out with the events TRG hosts at the office, such as the TRG Talks. If you do not want to be part of the organising, you can still help out with by being the note taker at the event in order to make a blog post about it later. However, a normal day of work goes something like this. I arrive at work a little before 8 am and sit with some of the other interns down at PJ’s Coffee before work starts and enjoys a nice cup of the free PJ’s coffee Coffee (yes TRG gives us free / unlimited coffee !) preparing myself for the workday ahead. TRG is not very strict on meeting times, so if you are having problems one morning getting to work you won’t get in trouble for being a bit late.

One of the things to get used to if you are not from Vietnam is that a lot of people do not show up to work until 8.30 or 9. This can also include some of the people you need information from, meaning you might not be able to get that information right away.

The way internships at TRG normally work is that you will have a task for the week. Sometimes this, of course, does not go exactly to plan and you will be juggling a few tasks, but most of the time you know exactly what you will be doing that week. Once the clock hits 8:10 I start working on my given task. If any problems arise I quickly ask the requestor for the job to clarify a little or get in touch with our supervisor to get a bit more information.

After that, I work on my task until lunch, with the occasional quick break for coffee, before I head for lunch at 11.30am. We found out that it is much nicer to go to lunch a bit early, to avoid the big rush that starts at 12. After lunch, it is back to work. Normally, if you have not talked to one of your supervisors this is the time where messages start flying around. Such messages could, for example, be you sending the work that you finished during the morning in for review or just a simple message from your supervisor asking how you are doing. Since you know what you will be doing for the entire week, it is easy to see how long you have gotten and have an overview of what you need to do next. Normally I finish up work at around 4.30 pm and head out the door, either going home to rest or out to dinner with mates or co-workers.

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