How to collaborate with TRG for your career fair

We are always ready to get face to face with potential interns and current students and are always on the lookout for our next generation of interns.

RMIT Career Fair 2019 with TRG Danish interns

We are a diverse international business with 3 main focus: TRG IT, TRG Talent and TRG F&B.

We believe in internships and large IT business and as such always have openings for students looking to: start their IT careers, convert theory into reality and generally discover their likes and dislikes.

We typically look for interns for:

  • TRG IT: development (coding), App development, Cloud engineering, IT, ERP, by working with our large selection of software systems.
  • We also have available internships in Marketing, Accounting, and HR, Project Management, Website and Customer Service
     TRG Talent: Marketing, Customer Service, Website
     TRG F&B: Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain

, that we always looking to fill. If you want to see our entire list of available internships.

If you want TRG at your career fair, simply send us an email at detailing what kind of school you are and date of the career fair, and we will let you know if we are able to attend.

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TRG gives you the opportunity to gain work experience from a large international company and be integrated into our team of professionals..

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