Why intern at TRG

An internship at TRG gives you the opportunity to: gain real work experience from a large diverse international company; and be integrated into our team of professionals; and discover your likes and dislikes in a safe environment...

Internships in Vietnam

One thing we pride ourselves on here at TRG is having an open and friendly work environment. We are not big on formalities so everyone is ready to talk to you from the CEO to everyone else in the organisation.

We give you the ability to influence how your internship is going to progress, by letting you choose the tasks you want to do next. Our internships are scheduled on a weekly basis meaning you won’t all of a sudden be sitting around not knowing what to do. Doing this allows you to try out many tasks if you want to or stick to a single area of tasks that you really enjoy.

We strive for excellence here and that also goes for our internship programs. Therefore, we regularly ask for your feedback on how you feel the internship is going and what we can do better. We do this to ensure that our interns have the best experience possible and to
continually improve our internship program.

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TRG gives you the opportunity to gain work experience from a large international company and be integrated into our team of professionals..

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