PHP Developer Intern 1

Hi there! I’m Julia, and I’m currently a marketing intern at TRG. I graduated with a degree in Marketing and am now getting some great real-world experience at this multinational company!

It’s a fantastic place to put a lot of the things I studied into practice and I get involved in all areas of the company’s marketing functions - helping to prepare campaigns and promotional materials, digital marketing, inbound Marketing, organising marketing events & presentations, managing our database, doing market and competitor analysis, analysing data from our campaigns, and generally supporting the marketing team in their daily tasks.

It’s great fun and I’m learning so much, and of course working for a big company like TRG means we get lots of company events & parties, and have a friendly and supportive environment with plenty of in-house training.

Job Requirements

Required Skills/Experience 

  • Experience using WordPress
  • PHP 
  • English 
  • Ability to solve problems with minimal direction, supervision 


Preferred Additional Skills/Experience 

  • Experience using Beaver Builder 
  • Custom Post Types 
  • CSS, Responsive CSS 
  • HTML 
  • JavaScript/jQuery 
  • MySQL 
  • Access to Photoshop or GIMP for opening of design files 
  • Beaver Builder Themer 
  • Familiarity with Git in a team environment 
  • Ability to solve problems with minimal direction, supervision 
  • High degree of learning agility / fast and interested learner 
  • Self-motivated, self-starter 
  • Uses time efficiently 
  • Patient, positive and supportive attitude with team members 
  • Experience with WordPress installations, configuration, security, and theme development 
  • Troubleshooting plugin bugs and conflicts 
  • Google Page Speed Insights 
  • XML, JSON 

Initial Responsibilities 

  • Editing templates and CSS to match a design example 
  • Testing a series of custom features in a site 
  • Building HubSpot Templates and Modules 
  • Work closely with webmaster for the Quotes Engine Project 

Target Responsibilities 

  • Custom HubSpot, WordPress site builds – take a Photoshop file and apply the styles to a HubSpot CMS, WordPress child theme, work with Beaver Builder, PHP, and WordPress child theme templates to set up custom features and layouts as needed.  
  • Modify and create new Beaver Builder modules to add support for features, complex functionality, and intricate styling that aren’t natively available. 
  • Develop and maintain custom themes with an eye towards automation and end user friendliness 
  • Extend 3rd party plugins with WordPress hooks, template overrides, or creative solutions to accomplish time sensitive tasks 
  • Plugin troubleshooting/problem solving. 
  • Feature documentation. 
  • Taking screenshots and writing out steps/instructions to be use in Thinkific for course building  
  • Project debriefs – sharing your experience with a site or project build with the team. 

Examples of tasks: 

  • We receive a Photoshop file or HTML/CSS of a design for a website. The site is already installed and a HubSpot theme set up. You would update the templates, modules and pages to match the design. 
  • Marketing needs to make customisations to their events in Beaver Builder to display an external link that they can change from the WordPress admin. You would add a custom field that shows on posts with something like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and then modify the Beaver Builder post feed module to display data from the ACF field on the frontend. 
  • A website with hundreds of already created posts and pages is being redesigned. You would create page templates and widgets that account for dynamic content in order to restyle existing posts in a way that ensures nothing slips through the cracks while working within the confines of the already existing website or proactively identifying new technology that would better serve the redesign and decrease redesign time. 
  • A designer you’re working with has finished their mock up on a new site build with great UI/UX, but is unsure how to handle dynamic content within their design. You proactively suggest solutions and utilize responsive frontend best practices to ensure the website looks good on every browser and every device regardless of what the content looks like. We will use WordPress or HubSpot only so it is important to learn or be certified on these. 

Required Tools 

  • Internet connection 
  • GIMP or Photoshop CS 5.x or any version supporting grouped layers 
  • Text editor or IDE capable of editing WordPress code, Notepad++ 
Program Benefits

You’ll get all the support and benefits you’d expect from a big company like TRG, including a friendly, positive work environment and plenty of in-house training (technical and soft skills). Want to come and work with me? Simply fill in the form and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.

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