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Our TRG offices are closed from Saturday 28th of March until we open them again.
#BAUU - Business As Unusual - Life in the time of COVID-19

While this turn of event is greatly unfortunate, this is also a great time to adopt cloud computing to avoid being disrupted at work. One of the many advantages of cloud computing is its flexibility. It allows you and your employees to connect and access your data through a virtual office even if you are at home.

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Work virtually, work with cloud

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Cloud Computing
5 Ways Cloud Solutions Power Business Agility
Increasingly, cloud technology is being seen as an essential tool for turning change from a threat into an opportunity.

By Thanh Nguyen, September 24, 2018

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Cloud Computing
How AWS Manages and Maintains Their Massive Data Centres
This subscription-based service offers a virtual computing power which can be accessed anytime as long as there is an internet, or in some cases, no connectivity at all.

By Thanh Nguyen, October 02, 2018

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Cloud Computing
7 Common Cloud Computing Uses
From small start-ups to global corporations, from government agencies to non-profit organisations, we are embracing Cloud Computing for all sorts of reasons.

By Thanh Nguyen, January 17, 2018

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