“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

We help where we can

TRG International is a company who takes charity close to its heart. TRG’s mindset is, “we help where we can”.

Every year, we make sure to reserve funds for charity programs across the country to help the poor, needy and most vulnerable in the community. For close to a decade we made annual trips to the orphanage with rice and other essentials.

In the recent past few years we’ve switched to the company matching monetary contributions to double the amount our people donate and have supported and participated in an annual exodus to some remote locations around Vietnam to deliver literally tonnes of rice and truckloads of essentials.

We annually participate in the British Business Group (BBGV) Fun Run and The Terry Fox Run.

“Through all our charity activities, we aim to share our luck and good fortune to those less fortunate and give them hope.” - Rick Yvanovich, CEO and Founder of TRG International

Charity at TRG

TRG International is a company that gets involved in many different charity events in order to provide multiple opportunities to give back to the community. We do anything we’re capable of which ranges from joining charity runs to organising our own charity trips, visiting orphanages and fund raising.

Every year, TRG joins two annual runs for charity in Vietnam organised respectively by the British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV) and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (CanCham).  These runs are not only some meaningful events, but they also serve as social and memorable days for participating staff. TRG also raises funds through a process of matching (each dollar raised the company matches the employee contribution) to help the poor and needy people in the community, especially poor children and victims of dioxin.

Charity Trips

Every year, TRG plans and organises at least one charity trip to a destination where they find that help is necessary.

We always make sure to reserve funds for charity programmes in Vietnam, to help the poor and needy people in our community. These events will fall under TRG’s CSR programmes of the year. However, oftentimes the charity programmes are a part of a far bigger project, then it will typically be planned in collaboration with other companies, friends and sponsors.

BBGV Fun Run

BBGV’s Fun Run is an annual charity run, whose purpose is to raise money for the less fortunate in society. Over time, these runs have been well-received and attracted thousands of participants from many multi-national and prestigious companies including TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam.

At TRG, the Fun Run has become a tradition within the company which not only serves its charitable cause, but also provides the staff with a chance of enhancing their teamwork whilst giving them a break from the daily stress at work.

Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run is another charity run, organised by CamCham, to raise money for cancer research. Recently, the project in which they are raising money for is to research in oral cancer. In 2016, the Terry Fox Run Vietnam became the biggest international Terry Fox Run in the world, attracting more than 19,500 participants and raising over 2 billion VND for cancer research in Vietnam.

Similar to the BBGV Fun Run, TRG International as well as PJ’s Coffee Vietnam aim to be present at every Terry Fox Run and has also made it an annual tradition.

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