Tree Planting

“He who plants a tree plants a hope” – Lucy Larcom
As we experience the erosion of coastal areas, the intrusion of saltwater and the decline in air quality its not surprising that our annual “Tree planting” activity sees active participation!


It’s fun, educational and healthy exercise and we usually morph it into a one-day trip for the whole family, the kids especially love planting in the mangroves, as what kid doesn’t enjoy squishy mud.

Over the years we have planted thousands of trees of different varieties including: mangrove in coastal areas, coconut in forest regeneration zones, and other varietals in temple grounds and new forests.

We’d really like to plant a million trees, it’ll take us many years to achieve, provide a lot of fun and make a very meaningful impact.


TRG International is a company who loves to give back to the communities in which we operate.


Our culture is to provide multiple opportunities for our employees to “give back” and engage in societal development and environmental protection through real life hands-on experiences.


Employees and their family members annually join a one-day tree planting trip full of exciting and fun outdoor activities.

Tree Planting Events

Typically, at a tree planting event, we’ll set a goal of how many trees the company should plant. To make it more competitive, participants split up into teams and compete against each other to see who plants the most trees or plants the fastest. In that way, everyone has a chance to show off their competitive spirit while improving their team working and uncovering more efficient ways to plant trees for a good purpose.

The outcome of these tree planting events always brings a smile to everyone’s face as they enjoy a wonderful time in company with one another while they feel proud of their social achievements.

Why Tree Planting?

Over time, tree planting has become one of TRG’s annual CSR activities as it is such a simple act, which makes a huge contribution to the future of the planet. Every year, we organise a one-day tree planting trip and we invite employees and their family members to join. Not only does the tree planting event have a CSR purpose, it also serves as a social event where teambuilding unfolds.

Usually, we hold the event on our own with the help of a local authority or else we’ll join a project organised by an organisation e.g. WWF or Vietnam’s Chamber of Commerce.

Join and participate

Your chance to participate in our activities, hear the current issues and talk about the trends in this fast-paced world.