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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Founder and CEO

Rick is a CEO, CFO, Executive Coach, and an expert at directing businesses and their teams to consistently reach higher performance levels, leveraging intervention coaching and systematic processes to translate vision into deliverables for companies driving performance.

He has worked for 40+ years in supermarkets, accounting, breweries, newsagents, defence manufacturing, IT, property development, and BP in the UK, China, Singapore, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Today, Rick is the Vietnam Master Franchisor of the New Orleans-based coffee chain, PJ’s Coffee, as well as Co-Founder and CFO of Great People Inside, the cloud-based next-gen people intelligence platform. He is also the Founder/ Co-Founder of multiple start-ups (not all of which have failed and one successfully exited via a US IPO).

Rick is an active promoter of CIMA and a very regular speaker on multiple topics, including Accounting, Talent, Human skills, Digital Transformation, and Doing Business in Vietnam.

Rick has been in Vietnam since 1990 and still speaks the King’s English. This likely makes him the longest Brit and one of the most experienced expats in Vietnam.

Meet Our People

At TRG, we believe in our people. With our shared goals and values, we work together to move into the right direction.
Customer Services Director at TRG International

Chau Nguyen Huong Thao

Head of ERP 

Thao is now the Director of ERP Solutions and one of the veterans at TRG International. She is a successful, dynamic sales professional with high management and leadership skills.
With her clear vision and diverse business experience, she has been well recognised as one of the top TRG’s excellent sales person and Employee of the Year 8 times as well as various million-dollar USD campaigns in the Southeast Asia Region.
What motivates her to work at TRG for over 2 decades are the current flexible working environment, her passionate ERP team, and Rick's exceptional leadership.
Grover Kiranjit Dhari square

Grover Kiranjit Dhari

HR Manager

Kiran has had 13 years of diverse working experience in various industries, ranging from aviation to real estate, e-commerce, and professional services. Such experiences have shaped her into a highly ethical professional with great communication skills.
The working environment, resource availability, and support from the team encouraged her to work with TRG. She is most proud of TRG's "Kaizen" core value.
As the HR Manager, she describes her department as very empathetic, mindful, and always willing to help others. Her advice for new joiners is to come with an open mind, then learn and bring out your best.
ACC_Le Thi Thuy Ha

Le Thi Thuy Ha

Financial Controller

Ha is one of TRG's veterans. Currently holding the Financial Controller position, Ha has been with TR for nearly 20 years.
Along with an impressive journey with TRG, Ha also has an admirable educational and professional background: a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy, a Master's Degree in Financial Engineering in the Philippines, and previous experience with the Semiconductor and IT sectors.
Ha loves the diverse and inclusive workforce that TRG is fostering. Her favourite advice to future TRGers is, "Try your best, and opportunities will smile at you."
Director of Sales for Hospitality at TRG International

Andrew Turton

Director of Sales

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Andrew has been involved in Software Solution since 1991, firstly as an end user, then Project Managment and now Sales.

Since 2002, his focus has been in the Hospitality Industry, where he was involved in the set-up of solution development for TRG International.

From the 1st of February of 2017, he has been based out of Thailand to cover the Asia region.


Peter Chapman

EPM Team Leader

Peter joined TRG International in 2019 as a BI Consultant. Prior to joining TRG, he worked for Infor for nearly 20 years.Peter enjoys educating others on leveraging technology to drive innovation and provide value-driven solutions.

One of the core values that resonate with him most is Kaizen, as he perceives passing knowledge to others so that we, too, may grow as empowering.

The best advice he could give to a new employee would be to grasp every learning opportunity possible. There are no limits to what you can achieve, but it is not handed to you on a plate; you need to grasp them to grow.

Thai huy Nhat

Thai Nhat Huy

Marketing Manager

Huy is a well-rounded Marketer with more than 12 years of experience. Huy joined TRG in 2016 as a Content Manager who single-handedly handled the entire content aspect of multiple important Inbound Marketing campaigns.
Many of his works are among the top-read content on our TRG Blog. Today, he is leading a growing team of equally passionate, supportive, and creative Marketers to develop quality lead generation pipelines that are impactful to the company's growth.
Huy relates most to the Collaboration core value as he believes that success is collective.
MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

 Tran Thi My Linh

Head of Sales Operations

Linh has eight years of experience in law and IT solutions. Linh joined TRG International in 2017, first as a Customer Service Executive. Today, she is in charge of one of TRG's important departments, the Sales Operations division. She has supported Andrew, our Sales Director, to close several big deals.

Linh has a wide range of talents, with customer service, negotiation, and team leadership among her strongest skills.

She enjoys the company's culture and the open environment it fosters, where young people are empowered to learn and develop. She is very pleased with the "Kaizen" value.

Linh advises new hires to be adaptable and embrace difficulties.

SAL_Le Thi Hong Nhung

Le Thi Hong Nhung

Sales Manager

Nhung initially joined TRG International as a Customer Service Representative in 2006. She is an excellent listener and a confident communicator—two qualities that help her win many clients' and colleagues' hearts, high-value deals, and many Sales awards.

Nhung values the welcoming workplace and the immense effort TRG puts into providing its members with opportunities to be the best versions of themselves.

Nhung is particularly proud of the collaboration value, believing that achieving goals and objectives requires teamwork.

Her advice for future TRGers is to be proactive, take ownership of your work; don't wait for others to tell you what to do, decide where you can add value and make an effort to contribute.

ACC_Hoang Thi Minh Tam

Hoang Thi Minh Tam

Head of Administration

Tam has more than 16 years of experience in various roles. She joined TRG International in 2007 and has been inspired and admired by the company's professional working experience ever since.

Tam takes great pride in TRG's "Passion" value. She believes that passion is essential for anybody, in both work and personal life. We will only find meaning and purpose if we have a passion. And it is also the force that pushes us to move forward, never give up and overcome any obstacles.

ACC_Do Thi Thu Thao

Do Thi Thu Thao

Chief Accountant

Thao decided to apply to TRG as an accountant in 2019 after discovering that the organisation was professional and reputable. She describes her department as highly cooperative, accountable, and always caring for others.

Currently working as the Chief Accountant, Thao has acquired a variety of skills, but she takes the most pride in her ability to work independently, which is also what sets her apart and contributed to her promotion.

She appreciates the welcoming office culture, her kind and supportive coworkers, and how TRG pays attention to employee feedback, job satisfaction, and personal growth.

PMT_Nguyen Van Phung

Nguyen Van Phung

Senior Project Manager

Phung (Stanley) has worked in IT manufacturing, financial services, distribution, and sales management for over 10 years. This has shaped his vision, strategy, and leadership qualities to lead projects that meet customer expectations and position the company for success.

He is interested in the company culture and the industries that it serves, which provide him with plenty of exciting opportunities to work with great customers and partners.

As a Senior Project Manager, Stanley has managed various successful Infor SunSystems and Infor SaaS Cloud Environment migration and implementation projects, including the successful lift and shift of 31 hotels in the Asia region from on-premises to the cloud in collaboration with TRG’s team of consultants and partners.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)

Pham Hoang Anh

Senior Application Consultant

Anh has over 14 years of experience with SunSystems and working in various roles, from consultant to solution architect and project manager. His technical expertise and problem-solving abilities enable him to efficiently handle challenging projects to the satisfaction of his clients.

Anh is most proud of Kaizen's core principle—constant improvement. He also believes this is what sets TRG apart.

His advice to future TRGers is to embrace the organisation's culture of continuous learning and take advantage of all the training and development opportunities available. "The greatest way to learn about your position and advance is to ask questions and fearlessly seek feedback," Anh added.

Customer Support Director of TRG International

Nguyen Thi Minh Hien

Delivery Manager

Hien has spent the majority of her professional life at TRG International, first as a Support Application Consultant and now as a Delivery Manager for the Project Management Team (PMT).
Some of her most remarkable works include forming an international Support team and developing various business processes our teams still use today. Currently, Hien and the PMT team are responsible for handling multiple large-scale projects in TRG.
For future TRGers, her advice is, "If you see opportunities amidst a pool of challenges, then it must have been the right place for you."
CSUP_Nguyen Thuy Duong

Nguyen Thuy Duong

Customer Support Manager

Before joining TRG International in 2011, Duong had extensive knowledge obtained from working in different industries, from Insurance to IT hardware and IT solutions.
Today, she is an experienced Customer Support Manager, leading a passionate and empathetic team of international members to assist clients 24/7.
Having spent more than a decade at TRG, Duong has always enjoyed the flexible culture and supportive, collaborative colleagues. Her advice to new TRGers is that to achieve success, one must be hardworking and proactive.
ACAD_Huynh Kim Lien

Huynh Kim Lien

Academy Manager

Lien has been devoted to TRG International for over 16 years now as the Academy Manager, responsible for designing and developing courses about the Infor and TRG’s products. She has acquired a diverse skillset in many aspects such as Training, Project management, Finance management, Customer service,… With her long time at TRG, she now also coaches and develops new employees. She is always passionate in working as she believes “we can aspire for excellence in all we do”. At TRG, She most treasures the core value of Integrity: being direct, honest and transparent in everything we do.
Nguyen Duc Hien

Nguyen Duc Hien

Professional Services Manager

Hien has been involved in the Project Service team at TRG International since 2002. Hien started out as an Application Consultant. Today, he is the manager of one of the key departments in TRG, Professional Services (PS). PS is also one of the largest teams full of innovative and productive consultants.
He also manager of Software Development team, the products from this team are unique for client use. Hien has successfully led various crucial projects despite many hardships and crises, most recently the global health pandemic.
Hien has been with TRG for more than 20 years, and he states that TRG makes everyone feel like they are members of a big family.
Jackilou Lucenara

Jackilou F. Luceñara

Senior Project Manager

Jackilou's strong passion for growth, together with her in-depth accounting experience as an ERP Financial Business Analyst, led her to the IT world. Now focused on project management, she joined TRG International in 2022 as a Senior Project Manager and has been involved in managing various Infor SunSystems implementation projects in the global hospitality industry.

Jaki, as she likes to be called, values TRG International's ""work-from-anywhere"" policy since it gives her the flexibility to enjoy ""workcations"" from anywhere. This supports her work-life balance advocacy. She is also proud and very supportive of the ""Kaizen"" value since it acknowledges human frailty and promotes continuous, across-the-board development.

PSSA&T_Dam Vi Toan

Dam Vi Toan

Senior Application Consultant

Toan joined TRG International in 2011 as a Support Consultant because he believes the company can give him more advanced training to deepen his experience and grow in his profession.

Today, Toan is one of TRG's most Senior Application Consultants, whose achievements, skills, and knowledge are highly respected. He also possesses outstanding self-learning abilities and an eagerness to learn.

Toan values the multicultural environment and the supportive, wonderful, hard-working managers and coworkers that help him grow tremendously.

Toan is most proud of the Kaizen value since it encourages him to grow and learn every day.

His advice for potential TRGers is to not "hesitate to ask questions."

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