Women in TRG

“In the future there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders” – Sheryl Sandberg

Great female leaders at TRG

At TRG International, we want great leaders, there is no discrimination between genders, its a matter of the best person for the job.

Several teams have ended up being predominantly (90%+ women) and we co-incidentally have always had about a 50:50 split which swings +/- 10% from time to time. None of this has been on purpose before, however we now monitor the gender split and aim to keep it well balanced.
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TRG Sale Manager

Le Thi Hong Nhung

Sales Manager, Hospitality

Nhung joined TRG in October 2006. Whenever an issue arises among our customers, Nhung is there to help and support them instantly.

She is a well-versed consultant and focuses on sales for the Hospitality Industry. Throughout her time at TRG, Nhung has achieved the Sales Person of the Year Award (Most Sales in a Year).

Financial staff at TRG International

Le Thi Thuy Ha

Financial Controller

After returning from the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Master of Financial Engineering programmes at the Dela Salle University in the Philippines in 2005, Ha has chosen TRG to be her very first company. As one of TRG Veterans, Ha has not only provided high-quality work but also gone the extra mile by joining various committees for TRG’s CSR activities and internal events, e.g. the Team Building and the X-Mas Party.

She was awarded The Accountant of The Year in 2008, Can Do Award and Group Award for Innovation in 2016.

Customer Services Director at TRG International

Chau Nguyen Huong Thao

Customer Services Director

Joined TRG in 2001, Thao is now one of the TRG Veterans and a member of the senior management team. Known for her attention to detail, she leads our Customer Services Team in the right direction.

From 2008 to 2017, Thao has been awarded The Salesperson of the Year 8 times. She holds a 2nd Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking as well as certifications in ION and Citrix.

At TRG International we want to:

Raise awareness

In today’s world, gender inequality is still an issue. A lot of countries are still struggling with the gender gap in the society, and especially at workplaces.

Through ages, the Western world has been having a large focus on women breaking through the ceilings and being equally represented at the top of organizations and in the government.

As an international company located in Vietnam, we find it important to raise awareness on this matter no matter where in the world we are.

We believe that it is crucial for a workplace to have a balanced gender split. Especially in industries including Tech and STEM, the lack of women is noticeable.

As in most other countries, women are also underrepresented in the Vietnamese tech industry. Even though in many countries, women have slowly moved upwards, gender discrimination is still present.

It seems that gender discrimination will always remain a universal challenge, no matter where you go.

At TRG, we want everyone to feel equally important and appreciated. No matter your gender, background or position. As long as you’re a TRGer!

More talented women at TRG International

At TRG International, we have endless of possibilities for women.

Customer Support Director of TRG International

Nguyen Thi Minh Hien

Customer Support Director

Becoming a member of TRG since 2007 as an Application Support Consultant, Hien has contributed to TRG in many ways and was promoted to the position Support Manager in 2017 and Support Director in 2018.

With a service mindset and a focus on delivering high quality service, she was recognised with the awards “Excellent Support of the Year” and “Most Support of the Year” in 2014 and 2015, and “Outstanding Service” in 2017.

From 2015 to 2017, Hien joined the Team Building committee to help TRG members enjoy their annual bond-strengthening time.

Personal assistant to TRG CEO
Nguyen Nhu Quynh

PA to GD

Graduated as Bachelor of Commerce and MBA in Marketing Stream, Quynh has joined TRG since November 2016.

As a Personal Assistant, she even had the chance to involve in marketing activities as well as organizing approx. 10 events monthly during her first year at TRG.

This earned her a nomination for Employee of The Month by Rick Yvanovich.

Personal assistant to TRG CEO

Tran Ngoc Mai

PA to GD

Graduated with a Bachelor of Banking in Finance, Mai joined TRG and won the Rookie Award after 8 months thanks to her contribution in leading the changes in TRG.

She has 4-year experience as a specialist in finance and wishes to lead a meaningful and balanced life with high-quality work, sustainable habits and continuous learning.

She loves TRG as her 2nd family and always strives to bring the best to TRG.

Customer Support Manager at TRG International

Nguyen Thuy Duong

Customer Support Manager

Holding the position of Customer Support Manager with 15 years of experience providing technical support to accountants, Duong has been recognised as an expert in utilising an array of technologies and software programmes, including SunSystems, SAP FI-CO, and non-life insurance system Policy/Asia.

She is certified with ITIL Foundation V3, adept at accounting processes and leading teams to achieve excellence in client satisfaction and productivity.

Her most important goal is to apply her experiences as well as her skills to bring about the highest quality of work.

Application Consultant at TRG International

Huynh Kim Lien

Application Consultant

Holding a Bachelor of Finance (Can Tho University) and a Higher Diploma in Software Engineering (Mekong Delta – Aptech Computer Education Centre), Lien has joined TRG since December 2006.

At TRG, she has contributed to multiple SunSystems projects and training on business software applications to for many customers and other employees.

With her professionalism and dedication, she has gained earned the Innovation Award of the Year in 2017 and 5-star Award in 2016 and 2017.

Content Writer at TRG International

Dinh Pham Doan Tram

Content Writer

Holding a Bachelor of Business (International Business) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, Tram has joined TRG since August 2017.

She truly appreciates the open working environment at TRG where she can easily communicate interdepartmental or cross-functions to learn practically any skills.

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