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September 5, 2019, As usual, TRG International, a company delivering IT solutions to companies worldwide, sponsored and attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (RMIT) career fair on 27th August 2019. The RMIT career fair is an annual event that provides its students with an overview of the different opportunities they have on the job market. This year, 40 companies and more than 500 RMIT students joined in. Not only did TRG attend the career fair, but they were also voted one of the top five companies at the career fair by the students.

A lot went into the preparations prior to the career fair as TRG believes that good preparation and planning will deliver the best results. Moreover, as TRG also explained to the students at the career fair, TRG interns are very important to the company, so besides the full-time staff that attended, TRG brought along a handful of their current Danish, British and Vietnamese interns. Throughout the event, the interns were responsible for creating TRG awareness by engaging the students to visit the TRG stand, answer questions and provide information about TRG, handing out bags, vouchers, brochures, and collect contact information from the students.

Mie Engsholt, one of the Danish TRG interns said: “I really appreciate that TRG gives us (the interns) the opportunity to participate in events like this. It’s a break from everyday tasks and we get to talk to a lot of students in the same situation as we are in. By trusting us with this responsibility, we really feel motivated to do our best while also feeling valued and as important assets to the company”.

 When the students visited the TRG stand, they were welcomed with a lot of smiles and friendly staff. At the stand, pictures were taken with the students and it was possible to participate in games where the student had the chance to win: books, notebooks, Rubik’s cube or a PJ’s Coffee reusable coffee cup. The TRG stand managed to attract more than 200 students throughout the day and received hundreds of signups by curious RMIT students looking for internship and job opportunities at TRG, and were all met with the same friendliness and given the time they needed to have their questions answered.

After visiting the TRG stand, Sherry Wang, Student at RMIT, said: I’d like to say that the TRG staff are very enthusiastic, professional, and willing to connect with students and provide the information we need. I can feel that people enjoy working here which is definitely the working environment I am pursuing for my career.”

Additionally, besides having a busy stand inside the career fair, PJ’s coffee, which is part of TRG F&B, put up a stand serving 200 cups of coffee for RMIT students to taste. PJ’s Coffee is always looking for part-time staff and welcomes RMIT students. Additionally, PJ’s Coffee is provided for free to all TRG employees as its conveniently in the same location as the main TRG office, another great reason to work for TRG!

Fun, Games and Bright Futures with TRG International at RMIT Career Fair 2019 1
PJ’s Coffee baristas giving out free coffee to RMIT students
Fun, Games and Bright Futures with TRG International at RMIT Career Fair 2019 2
Happy PJ’s Coffee Baristas waiting to welcome RMIT students
Fun, Games and Bright Futures with TRG International at RMIT Career Fair 2019 3
Top 5 most favourite companies by RMIT

All in all, a very fun, exciting and successful day for TRG International.

TRG expects to return to the RMIT career fair again next year as, it has done every year, to meet all the great RMIT students who are looking for internships and job opportunities. If you want to become a part of the TRG team and improve your professional future, read more about our internship opportunities.





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