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TRG International is a global market leading professional services firm, focused on delivering technical excellence. We believe that with the right IT solutions working quietly in the background, our customers can be free to focus on their core business.


How we work

Innovation is at the forefront of our efforts, we offer the latest in the cloud, A.I., and mobile technologies - providing a launching pad for sustainable growth. We work with the world’s most prestigious IT vendors like Infor, AWS, VNG, Microsoft and others - to bring the right mix of software and services to our clients.

Whether you’re a hotel chain seeking to improve your bottom line, a manufacturer seeking to maximize the output, or a retail chain seeking to increase the top line, we have solutions for your entire value chain.

What we do

In 1994, business in London was stagnant. Being expatriated in Vietnam by British Petroleum for 4 years, Rick Yvanovich was asked to come back home. However, he decided it was time to retire from the oil business. Obtaining one of the first residence permits in Vietnam, number 32, Rick Yvanovich started building up TRG International from a dining room.

TRG IT Solutions Company

We supply Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financial Management, Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM), BI & Analytics, Hospitality and Professional Services.

TRG Talent Solution Provider

Predict performance and unleash people's potential to be their very best is a definite way of empowering your organization to thrive.

See how we can help your business.

Food and Beverage business of TRG brand

We are the Vietnam master franchisors of PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Our F&B academies educate, train, consult, R&D, assess and audit to drive your coffee and F&B success.

Our People

To us, nothing is more important than your success.

TRG delivers more than just IT systems. We identify and implement the right solutions to elevate your business to a new height. On top of that - we have dedicated teams to provide ongoing support 24/7 - and aftersales services to ensure total peace of mind for our clients no matter where they are World-Wide!


At TRG, we believe in our people.
With our shared goals and values, we work together to move into the right direction.

Having lived in Vietnam for more than 27 years, overcoming language and cultural barriers, our Founder and CEO of TRG, Rick Yvanovich has successfully lead TRG to where it is today.

Our Team

Operating in demanding and dynamic markets, the challenge on delivering the right solution can be pretty tough.

However, with a motivated team, the right skills and an understanding of the customers’ business, TRG is always ready to go the extra mile to deliver the solution that works.

Our Core Values

Our Six core values define our DNA and Why we do what we do:

Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Coaching Culture and Kaizen.

In everything we do, we must ask ourselves whether it complies with our Why. We believe four core values define ourselves and our organisation: Passion, Integrity, Collaboration and Kaizen. This is our Why and it impacts How we think and How we do What we do. Yes, we always start with “Why?”

Passion is a key to success. Passion for excellence: we aspire for excellence in all we do.

We are direct, honest and transparent and aim to do the right things. We say what we do and we do what we say.

We never stop coming up with new and better ways to deliver the most cutting-edge IT technology to our clients.

Through comprehensive coaching programs, we ensure our teams’ technical adeptness and industry expertise are always top-notch.

People are key to what we do and we foster a collaborative and friendly environment where everyone is a valued partner in our success.

Nothing is perfect and thus we embrace and are committed to continuous never-ending, lifelong improvement of ourselves and all that we do.

Awards & Recognition

TRG International has received numerous awards and recognition, for our services in business and industry and also our contributions to society and the ecosystems where we operate.

Since inception in 1994 TRG International has helped thousands of people at more than 1,000 clients in 80 countries to shine. Our partners, customers and stakeholders have been most generous and kindly recognised some of our business achievements as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Top 5 Most Favorite

Recently, TRG International was voted one of the top 5 over 40 companies that participated at the RMIT Vietnam Career Fair 2019.

The event provides students with an overview of the different career options they have on the market, including the opportunities and leverage our people is currently getting.

TRG International at RMIT Career Fair 2019 >>

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our CSR activities, we give the people within our TRG community the opportunity and chance to meet, share, comfort and touch the lives of others and to really make a real difference.

It reminds us to treasure what we currently have and always strive for the better as well as sharing and giving back to our community.

Shape your future with us

With available vacancies, join our team of professionals who are working quietly and brilliantly in the background to help businesses to shine. Whether you are considering a permanent or an internship position, you will be amazed to see that as the business grows, you grow too.

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TRG gives you the opportunity to gain work experience from a large international company and be integrated into our team of professionals..

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