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With available vacancies, join our team of professionals who are working quietly and brilliantly in the background to help businesses to shine. Whether you are considering a permanent or an internship position, you will be amazed to see that as the business grows, you grow too.

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and perks

We know our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best benefits for them, from competitive salaries to optimal health care offerings and paid leave policies.

Work-life balance

Our vacation and leave policies reflect our belief in proper work-life balance.

Professional Development

We are strong believers in continual training and development for our people.


We are convinced that social responsibility is a key factor for the long-term success of our company. We therefore invest in our employees and provide them with opportunities to grow, learn and make a positive social impact through our corporate…


We are proud of our diverse workforce and we are ready to foster it further more.

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Internship stories

Marketing Internship at TRG International Vietnam

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James Garbutt, Denmark
We interviewed James Garbutt about his internship with TRG International in Vietnam.

By Quynh Nguyen, October 12, 2019

Marketing internship in TRG Vietnam

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Internships at TRG International Vietnam

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TRG Job fair event

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TRG participated at RMIT Career Fair 2019
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You will be given multiple opportunities to experience real jobs, real responsibilities, and gain a very wide range of soft and hard skills.