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With over 30 years of IT, and Business Solutions expertise, our goal is to partner with you to maximise your business reputation and digital infrastructure through our managed services and business solutions.

Key Services

Digital Marketing

Improve competitiveness by learning how your digital marketing rates compared to similar businesses in Vietnam and globally.

Digital Transformation

Advisory on how your business rates in digital asset performance, lay a strong foundation for continuous digital transformation.

Digital Business Strategy

Strategy advisors who have built and grown businesses working hands-on with your managers to build capacity and measure effectiveness.

Digital governance and risk management

Advisers will see how your IT and related departments rated compared to comparable businesses worldwide.

Technology design, selection & project quality assurance

Create an optimal capacity-based design, strategically identify and resourcing components.


Helps your organisation identify and plan security improvements and management, drive and motivate team forward.

Technology Architecture

Design a comprehensive, enterprise-wide technology-neutral architecture with a capacity of integrating digital components and systems.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Run business smarter by identifying opportunities based on improve data collection.

Our advisory services

We recognise digital technology’s crucial role in today’s dynamic business environment. Expanding its offerings, TRG International with our strategic partners is now determined to assist its clients in unlocking the potential for growth through a greater digital orientation. We have combined Digital Transformation, IT Advisory & Information Management and Analytics into a new offering, Digital Advisory.

About Digital Advisory

TRG International brings a fresh perspective to our clients by reimagining their businesses and services in the digital age and helps them define and implement their digital strategies.

Technology provides organisations with some of the greatest opportunities to grow and compete, such as driving innovation and expanding your company’s products and services, enabling greater scale and reach, commoditising and monetising your data and enhancing profitability through improved operational effectiveness.

While technology is an enabler and enhancer for growth businesses, it does create points of risk as well, such as security breaches, budget blow-outs challenges for your staff and management, and disruptions to your current structure and operations.


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We solve business problems, take a consultative approach to every client engagement, and find actionable solutions that will help your organisation achieve the best business outcomes.

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Our team works with you to design, execute and optimise your technology investments and transformation strategies. Our experts, with extensive real-world digital business experience, take a hands-on approach to delivering outcomes and solutions that align technology investments to your growth strategy.

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