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Our software offers one single, integrated ledger to unify all of your business' financial components. No longer are the days where you need to create multiple, separate ledgers for receivables, payables, project, or fixed assets. The benefits of a unified ledger is to avoid duplicates and errors. 

This recommended financial management solution brings the following robust capabilities to handle a wide range of accounting requirements:

General Ledger
Accounts Payable / Purchase Ledger
Accounts Receivable / Sales Ledger
Client Ledger
Corporate Allocations
Project / Job Costing
Report Writers

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Digital Advisory Financial Management Solutions

Infor SunSystems has been the choice financial management solution for over 9,000 customers in 190+ countries across the globe.

Stay ahead in the global market

The multi-currency, multi-language capabilities in Infor SunSystems empowers your business to face any challenges that may come your way head-on. Expand your presence to international markets and reach new heights with confidence, by leveraging Infor SunSystems’ built-in global support. Infor SunSystems ver.6 and onwards fully supports 17 of the most commonly used languages worldwide.

Make faster and smarter decisions

Infor SunSystems is deployed and accessible via the cloud. Its in-context analysis and Business Intelligence allows you to gain actionable insights in real-time; thus, enabling you and your organisation to quickly respond to any volatility in the market. Additional to this is the multi-dimensional analysis features and the ability to promptly process information, leaving you with a more in-depth understanding of your organisational systems and outcomes.

Seamless Integration

You can integrate our software with a variety of common business systems (CRM, banking, payroll, etc.) available in the market, thereby eliminating the stress of needing to export, modify, and import spreadsheets manually between systems.

Financial Management Software

Our financial management products can help you to meet the changing regulatory environment, information requests, and evolving business strategies more efficiently.

Our software includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, sales order processing, financial and operational reporting and much more.

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Handle economic shocks, changing technology standards and market fluctuations with ease.


Quickly respond to requests for internally and externally driven information.

Embedded Analytics

Dashboards, data visualizations, interactive reports and visual workflows to enhance the decision-making process.

TRG's Own Support Team

We partner with you to provide guided ongoing support, the latest advanced software and excellent after-sales services.

Global Capabilities

Work in and across multiple geographic regions on a single platform.

Time Efficiency

Reduce lead-time and time-to-market for better response to always-changing customer demands and trends.

Software products you need now:

Infor SunSystems

TRG IT solution for Finance and Hospitality management

Infor SunSystems is applicable on-premise, as well as in the Cloud. The solution connects seamlessly with other enterprise software, enabling businesses a centralised, real-time view on their current performance. With optimised data visibility, companies can gain the upper hand to compete in today's fast-paced market.

Acquire 24/7 access to real-time information to make the right decisions at the right time.

Gain control over all the policies and options that make your business uniquely valuable.

Financial Industry Clients

Some of our satisfied customers utilising our Financial Management Solutions

Sun Life
Liberty Mutual
Viet Aviva
Daichi Life
Phu My Hung Securities
Vina Capital

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