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We know that there is a possibility that you might be either experienced or totally new with talent management solutions. Yet, we are delighted to help you gain a significant idea about the application of our solutions for solving some commonly-faced issues in Human Resources Management work.

We are going to continuously update some questions that are usually asked by our clients in this section.

What types of assessments & surveys do you offer?

We offer both standardised and customisable psychometric assessments and surveys, which can be used to measure personalities, motivation, preferences and tendencies through observable behaviours. Our assessments and surveys will provide you with valuable and actionable information to make the most informed decisions for your own career, your business, and your organization.

Our solutions will help you and your decision-making process regarding:

What kind of information can assessments & surveys provide?

Assessments and surveys can provide you with a well of useful information regarding an individual’s personalities, tendencies, motivations, thinking styles, leadership styles, management behaviours, etc… which are often difficult to observe.

How can assessments & surveys benefit my company?

Implementing assessments and surveys will help you and your organisation:

  • Predict future performance by identifying candidates who are the most similar to your current top performers in terms of thinking styles, behaviours, values, motivation and tendencies
  • Minimise turnover by making better hiring decisions and having an engaged workforce
  • Maximise employees’ potentials and retention by identifying skills and development gaps for training and development programs
  • Build better management teams by identifying leadership styles and skill gaps
How will we know if assessments & surveys are effective in our organization?

There are many ways in which assessments and surveys can positively impact your organisation, such as significantly increase effective leadership behaviours, the reduced turnover rate amongst employees due to dissatisfaction with the job, manager, culture of the company, and better-tailored training and development programs to address the real needs and gaps.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the number of assessments and surveys your company needs, and your requirement to customise the assessment/survey.

Please contact us to get in touch with our talent strategist for a quotation.

How do we get started?

It’s easy! Just fill out the Demo form to get in touch with one of our talent strategists who will help answer your questions and concerns about our products and services.

Or you can call us at (+84) 28 7303 3789 or send an email to

How long will it take to implement assessments and/or surveys in my company?

Depending on the number and type of assessments/surveys, it can take from a week up to 3 months to implement.

Please contact us to get in touch with our talent strategist for specific estimation of implementation time.

What kind of training, support and services can I expect?

We have standard services for all solutions, and additional services as you request. Our standard service package includes user’s training, report debriefing and system support, in English and Vietnamese, onsite and offsite. We offer assistance in customising assessments and surveys to your organisation’s needs, 1-on-1 and group debriefing for 360-degree surveys, along with customised Executive Reports for C-level.

If you have another specific need, please feel free to communicate this with our team of experienced consultants who will do their best to address your issues.

Are your assessments and surveys customisable to my company’s requirements?

The short answer is YES. We strongly believe in customisable solutions which can best reflect each company’s requirements, values and cultures. With a library of more than 100 available dimensions measuring 100+ traits, we are confident that you will be able to find what your organisation is looking for.

If the process of customising a solution seems too daunting to you, do not worry! Our team of experienced consultants will support you along the way to help you create the most suitable assessments and surveys, unique to your organisation.

Can you share some examples of companies using your assessments and/or surveys? What do they use it for?

Our clients have used TRG Talent’s solutions for a variety of purposes, from improving hiring decisions to recruitment for Management Trainee programs, to increasing leadership awareness and identifying developmental gaps. Our solutions have also been used to help reduce turnover and increase employee engagement, along with enhancing team balance and building succession plans.

Are your assessments and/or surveys available online? Are they mobile friendly?

All TRG Talent assessments and surveys are available online, powered by cloud technology. Our solutions can be taken on any devices such as mobiles, tablets and laptops.

How long does it take to complete your assessments/surveys?

The time taken mostly depends on the number and type of traits you want to measure.

On average, it takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete an assessment or survey, measuring about 10-15 traits. However, it can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours.

What makes your assessments and surveys better than others?

We are proud to be the pioneer in the South East Asia market in providing rigorous scientific assessments and surveys built on decades of research by I/O psychologists, psychometricians, and experts in the field. Our solutions have been thoroughly researched and tested, standardised, localised and normed to many countries, including Vietnam, to ensure their validity, reliability, and predictability.

How will assessments and/or surveys help me reduce turnover and increase retention?

There are a variety of reasons why employees decide to leave their company, ranging from unsatisfaction with their salary to unsuitable environment and job. But we believe that in most cases, “people leave people.” With assessments and surveys, you will be able to minimise turnover caused by mismatch between employees and their positions, managers, teams and company’s cultures. Moreover, assessments and surveys will also help you identify any possible tensions for your employees, which will provide you with the opportunity to address and resolve these issues before it is too late.

How will assessments and/or surveys help me select high performing salespeople and outstanding customer service reps?

TRG Talent provides companies with assessments that measure behaviours and personality traits which have significant impacts on sale and customer service performance. This data will allow you to make the best hiring decisions to build your company’s sales and customer service teams.

To read more about this, check out our page on Sales & Customer Service Solutions.

How to best apply 360 surveys in my organisation?

360 survey is a feedback system which collects information and feedback from multiple groups around an individual (his/her colleagues, employees, bosses, etc.) in order to get the most detailed picture of the individual. It is best suited for the middle manager level and above. 360 surveys are used to raise awareness of the manager’s strengths and weaknesses to guide their leadership development. We recommend our clients to complete the survey again after 1 year to measure significant changes and improvements.

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