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Human capital investment has been proven to be one of the most beneficial investments a company could pursue and thus employee development practice should be taken with due consideration. In the context of a continuously changing market environment, employees should be invigorated to embrace and quickly adapt. The only key to that problem is to provide supports for employees by engaging them in various training and development programs to leverage their skills, knowledge. Having a focused and comprehensive training and development program helps organisations showcase their commitment to the growth and improvement of their employees, which in turn leads to higher productivity, more effective and efficient performance.

However, the process might be complicated and problematic when you do not have a tool to figure out what area of focus (leadership, collaboration, client-facing skills,...) should be. Our GR8 Employee Development solutions provide you with a powerful user-friendly feedback-gathering and skills-assessing tools covering various areas from selling, stress-coping, managing abilities and more. With this data-driven and scientific assessment toolkit, your organisation can gain a deep understanding of where your employees are at and how to prepare them to take a further step to be where you want them to be.

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Training & Development Needs

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High-potential employees spotting

Strategic and effective employee development is not a straightforward task despite the great values it provides for the organisation. Since your company’s resources are not unlimited, it's a must to wisely allocate budget, time and labour.

Finding higher their high-potential employees to focus their training and development efforts is one such smart allocation. Our assessment platform is designed to assist you in spotting stars or gauging your employee's potentials and differentiating those who are likely to perform better from those who are not so that you can adjust your employee development plan accordingly.

Training & development needs identification

With a better understanding of employee development's imperatives, organisations have developed their own programs for their workforce, usually tailored to the company’s strategies. Yet, many often mistake between what their employees want versus what they need, resulting in underperforming, resources-demanding and even ineffective employee training and development plans.

Thus to successfully design an employee development plan, it's best to first understand what gaps your employees have from an organisational perspective. Our solutions provide you with an effective gap assessment based on a multitude of testing variables, surveying and immediate insight reporting.


Training effectiveness measurement

An effort without correct measurement is no doubt a wasted effort. The effectiveness of your employee development and training activities count toward your overall organisation performance, thus a precise measurement with reliable, valid metrics allow for your continuous monitoring and improvement.

One traditional way to estimate your effort's performance is to ask for your employees' feedback from their subjective opinions. While this provides immediate insights, it does not guarantee an objective and standardised evaluation of your development bid. We provide a solution to that problem by a system of built-in metrics that accurately and automatically record how well and how right your program is implemented.

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