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Selecting candidates that best fit the job requirements is crucial for any company’s talent management and recruitment practices. The acquisition of appropriate talent leads to critical outcomes such as better cost savings, higher productivity, lower turnover and reduced attrition. For that reason, a rudimentary or subjective approach to evaluating candidates does not allow for the correct judgement of which job applicants will best contribute and most effectively perform within the organisation. The problem often results from a lack of scientific evaluation method and data-informed decision making or the company not having tools that support the rigorous assessment of the employee and meets their specific needs. 

Understanding that challenge faced by many clients and human resources managers, TRG provides GR8 Suite - powerful recruitment solutions, with which you can make reliable, objective and standardised decisions by gathering insights on candidates' personality, cognitive ability, behavioural tendency or any other criteria you might be interested in. Our tools are designed so you can tailor the assessment to best examine your candidates while extracting valuable insights in acquiring talent. 

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Candidate Evaluation

When an employee is placed in the “fittest” job, one that best matched their thinking styles, personalities and interests, they will thrive with higher job satisfaction, improved overall performance and engagement.

Yet, it's rather complex for HR personnel and hiring managers to gain deep knowledge about applicants since traditional CVs only reveal limited qualifications, credentials and experiences. Our recruitment solutions come with a wide range of assessment and selecting criteria to help you understand your candidates and select those who best fit your team.

Management Trainee Program

Hiring and training fresh graduates to become future leaders is a common practice of companies who value long-term growth. Being “fresh”, trainee candidates often possess similar skill sets and differ only in their passions and characters.

Thus, companies are often faced with two obstacles simultaneously: How to screen a multitude of applicants in a limited amount of time AND how to gain meaningful and actionable insights into the applicants’ differences and uniqueness to best inform the hiring decisions.

Out GRB Suite will provide you with all you'll ever need.

Future Leader Spotting

The competition to identify and recruit talent and leader is getting fiercer. To stay ahead, the best way is not to identify premade leaders, but instead, recognise leadership potentials which can then be nourished and cultivated within the organisation.

However, leadership potential is difficult to observe, especially in individuals without leadership or managerial experiences. TRG's recruitment solutions not only assist you in identifying leadership potentials in your current workforce but also supports your company in realising the future leaders for your company even in the pre-hiring process.

Behavioural Interview

Asking the right questions is a big part of an effective interview. It doesn’t help when most of your candidates are equipped with polished default answers for common interview questions. Moreover, with so many crucial factors to a position, HR personnel usually struggle to decide which factors are more important than others – whether they should pursue further questioning into the candidates’ teamwork ability, how assertive they are, or their level of decisiveness.

Our recruitment solutions equip you with behavioural interview approaches to help you reveal candidates’ natural tendencies while helping gauge their motivations, predicting performance and retention.

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