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In today's fierce competition for talent, many companies are left behind with a high employee turnover rate although they know the importance of employee retention too well. That comes with various adverse outcomes such as more resources needed to recruit, train and develop new employees as well as the severe loss of outstanding talents, skills, relationship networks, on which the company capitalises. As people are the most valuable asset an organisation has, having effective solutions for employee retention and engagement is of top concern. In fact, this remains a frequent topic of focus and discussion amongst researchers and practitioners with over a huge number of Google searches worldwide each year.

The problem of employees disengagement is commonly attributed to a lack of managerial understanding of why employees stay and go, not knowing the influences, motivation behind employee's day at work. It could also be the outcome of selecting and recruiting people with a high tendency of job switching in the first place. Amongst solutions for employee retention and engagement obstacles, validation of concern, feedback of performance and recognition of contribution are proven most viable. Thus, companies need a system in place that can help them understand the determinant of employee satisfaction and commitment so that a series of actions such as career development and coaching, orientation and onboarding, recognition program or incentives scheme can be well implemented.

GR8 Suite is TRG's solutions for employee retention and engagement. With this toolkit, you can shed light on your employee's mindset, direction and motives through a set of straightforward, yet power psychometric assessments. The design of theses assessment, feedback survey is easily customised in a way that best suits your business. Also, the result analysis will reveal succinct insights into your employees as a person so that you can well manage and develop your retention, engagement tactics.

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Employee Retention

Employee retention is an effort to build and maintain a supportive working environment which positively influences and retains the employee. The process reduces substantial costs involved in hiring and training new staff.

TRG's solutions for employee retention can help your company to measure those metrics related to retention such as the sense of belonging, relationship with a co-worker, empathy, stress-coping, responsibility... to find out any risk factor and base for your company to establish the best strategy to retain.

Employee Engagement

When people are wholly engaged and committed, they naturally maximise their effort on a daily basis to perform their work duties to the highest standards and contribute to the success of the organisation. Worker's engagement depends on working culture, organisation structure, company value and social environment.

TRG's solutions for employee retention and engagement help your organisation effectively screen employees, detecting those who are needing help as well as the area of improvement they are after to ultimately foster their engagement.

Leaderdship Awareness

Every development process first starts with the awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is crucial for a leader to raise their awareness before taking any step into the road of development.

TRG Talent offers systematic and objective solutions for employee retention by identifying the development needs of managers. With that, you can provide targeted and specific support and gain the maximum return from the development investment. It can also help leaders discover management issues that could lead to low employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction.

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