TRG Talk Cloud Computing event

Our first TRG Talk of 2020 covers the most talked-about topic in today’s digital age – cloud security. The Talk welcomes two prominent cloud experts, Mr Steve Tran (Trident Technology) and Mr Quang Truong (VNG Cloud) to share their knowledge and experience about the security aspect of the cloud.

Vietnam faces the cybersecurity epidemic

Vietnam is witnessing a great surge in technology adoption in recent years. Not only has the number of individuals using smartphones and having a social media profiles increased significantly, but the number of businesses (particularly SMEs) utilising disruptive technologies to cater to a wider range of consumers has also grown at a rapid pace.

Online travel planning, media, ride-hailing, and commerce are some of the most profitable services favoured by many Vietnamese. In 2018 alone, these services were valued at $9 billion and are expected to reach $33 billion by 2025.

Despite the rapid growth, Vietnam also faces a severe cybersecurity issue. According to Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT), as many as 6,219 cyber-attacks have been recorded in Vietnam since the beginning of this year. These are only recorded cases; the actual statistics might be much higher.

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Many believe that these attacks are due to inadequate management and lack of security regulations. Both our speakers and attendees agree that people are also to blame. Our nature to search for free programs, software or services instead of paying for the legit version has made us susceptible to threats.

Furthermore, organisations do not enforce strict policies to protect shareholders as well as employees from cyber-attacks. Violated rules, expired access, improper data management, etc. can be resolved with better processes, disciplines, and higher awareness.

Cloud computing is the future

Countless reliable cloud vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and VNG Cloud are working to enhance security to make it easier for businesses.

Contrary to popular belief, moving to the cloud is more secure than maintaining data on-site, which is why many SMEs today are moving (or are considering to move) to the cloud. When utilising cloud services, you can rest assured that the security aspect is the top priorities of the cloud providers.

The system is updated constantly along with the updates of new features and must go through a series of strict verifications. All cloud activities will be monitored by third parties to ensure that all of the company’s information is guaranteed to be kept secret.

To simply put it, the cloud is a cost-effective and time-saving solution. Whether your business is large or small, you will be able to utilise all the features and benefits that Cloud Computing offers.


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