What is TRG Talk: Digital*

TRG Talk: Digital*, usually co-hosted with AWS and BBGV, is a monthly community building meetup for anyone interested in Digital Transformation

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We realised, although people talk about Digital, there was a huge lack of understanding about it resulting in misinformation, misunderstanding and mistakes negatively impacting people’s businesses. Consequently, we decided to host monthly TRG Talk: Digital* events to help educate people, at whatever level they are at, about all things Digital to help them understand what it is and what it isn’t and basically answer every question one might have about it. This is where the informal friendly format of TRG Talks really bring great benefits as attendees feel comfortable sharing their questions and we could interact with them on a personal one-to-one basis such that having attended a TRG Talk: Digital, they would be able to talk with far greater confidence on what it’s all about.

To date, we have kept TRG Talk: Digital at the more entry-level and discussed the pros and cons and cost-benefits of cloud and how to get started. We have sensed, having conducted these talks for more than 18 months that the general level of understanding about Digital Transformation has significantly increased.

Today TRG Talk: Digital* continues to be a regular monthly meetup to share and educate people about all things about Digital Transformation.

Why we host TRG Talk: Digital*?

One of the main reasons is because when TRG International’s CEO Rick was interacting with people he realised that too many people thought they knew what Digital Transformation was about, however, they didn’t actually know, and didn’t want to say they didn’t know either.  This was happening at senior levels, and when looking closer at other levels it was the same story. We then knew we had to help educate the market about Digital.

TRG Talk- Digital* events are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, every month.

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September 5, 2019, As usual, TRG International, a company delivering IT solutions to companies worldwide,...

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Note: * previously Cloud Enablement Series