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Consulation in F&B and Hospitality

The competition for succeeding in F&B and Hospitality is fierce.  We provide the competitive edge to ensure success.  We do this by helping you build top tier systems and operations, improving your current operations and systems, and guiding you towards the goals you have established.

We can build your top tier system at any stage of your development cycle.  We are capable of providing many different systems and assistance from building a top talent team to opening up your first location for a complete handover.

We improve existing operations by improving the knowledge and skills of your management team, improve current systems and procedures, alter the design of your menu, and update the menu selection to meet the changing demands your your guests.

We guide you towards your goals by assisting you to develop a clear strategy with a step-by-step plan of action, align your menu and procedures with new developments in technology, and help you exploit trends in the F&B industry to your advantage.

Practical management skills training in F&B, Hospitality and Tourism

Saigon Food & Beverage Academy 1We offer individuals and groups training in the applied technical and soft skills for management skills.

Our programs are a series of independent workshops that are connected to the skills needed for hospitality and tourism professionals.  Our training programs are for recent graduates and hospitality professionals who want the competitive edge to get a high quality job with an international organization, for organizations that need their management teams to gain the edge over the competition, and for supervisors and managers in hospitality that need to refresh and improve their skill sets.

Many want to become a better manager in their restaurant or hotel, but do not know how to do this. Our programs ensure that the skills obtained are practical, usable, and relevant to your discipline and focus within your career path.

Building the stars of Food and Beverage

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