Internal event for TRG staff

It seemed like a usual morning like every morning, when everyone was busy and dedicated until the lunch broke through and the ladies were told to gather in Passion room.

From the moment they walked into the door, they were welcomed with an astounding table full of food prepared delicately by TRG. More surprisingly, the men started congratulating and giving a wish to the ladies turn by turn. Some were awkward, some were heartfelt, but it couldn’t be denied that the women were definitely moved by those words.

Afterward, all TRGers joined in for a feast and enjoyed little chat, relaxing moments and of course, the ladies also received small gifts from TRG before going back to work.

Although time flew so fast, International Women Day was a memorable day to all TRGers.
TRG wish every lady will always stay Powerful, Radiant, Strong and Energetic. Have a great day to you all!”

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