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TRG's Hospitality Solution

TRG can unlock unprecedented opportunities to your business using a cloud enterprise system and deliver the main goal of all hotels. Guests remain happy and so do owners, operators and staff!

350,000 hotel rooms

Total room number of the largest hotel companies are managed by Infor Software

80+ Countries

Largest hospitality properties around the world choose TRG as their solution provider.

600+ System Integrations

TRG has done integrations to different IT systems of hotel properties worldwide.

deploys Infor
solutions in the cloud

Infor solutions are multi-tenant cloud architecture that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud on Amazon Web Services public-private servers. TRG manages the infrastructure and the security, which offers the reliability of regional data centers, managed by leaders in the field of big data management.

Exceptional enterprise
solutions to business owners

Infor solutions are designed to be agile, mobile and provide real-time workflows.

Workflow sits over applications so data flows through the business systems can be managed. Integration points can also be managed meaning individual applications can be upgraded without impacting the overall workflows.

Data can be accessed on the go through multiple devices meaning users are always able to interact with their data as they need.


By deploying Infor integration solutions, TRG is able to provide a holistic review of the company's performance.

Users can define views to suit their needs so they can decide how they organise their day.

What we deliver

Introducing the leading Hotel Enterprise Performance Solutions

As a hotel industry provider, you know how hard it is to boost profits while giving customers a personalised guest experience. You need industry-specific solutions that provide you with what you need, when you need it—whether you work at a large global company, smaller chain, or independent hotel, we have something to offer your organisation.

Financial Accounting

The implementation of financial accounting workflow can be a costly, time-consuming, and upsetting endeavor. TRG's experience and industry knowledge will make it easy for you and your business.


Flexible solutions

TRG strategies of deploying integrated solutions for Infor helps you meet changing regulatory requirements, information requests, and evolving business strategies with confidence.

Business Planning

By deploying a seamless enterprise financial solution, TRG ensures the customer's planning and budgeting needs are constantly met from a real-time solution.

Khách hàng của TRG

Nhà hàng & Khách sạn

TRG tuân thủ theo các best practice trong tiêu chuẩn vận hành quốc tế.

Số quốc gia được triển khai

TRG đã triển khai giải pháp IT cho khách sạn tại hơn 80 quốc gia trên thế giới.

Tăng trưởng doanh số

Triển khai thành công cho hơn 1.000 khách hàng, từ khách sạn nhỏ đến resort 6 sao.


Năm kinh nghiệm

Triển khai thành công cho hơn 1.000 khách hàng, từ khách sạn nhỏ đến resort 6 sao.


"Security is a major concern in our industry. Using Infor solutions was instrumental in ensuring we were delivering features with a high level of security and data privacy"

IT MANAGER, Fraser Hospitality Australia

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