Insurance Industry

Insurance businesses need dedicated, industry-specific solutions to gain the upper hand in an unprecented and highly volatile environment today.

Unlock these opportunities:


Reduction in recruitment costs


Reporting & analytics improvement


Visibility into cash & liquidity

*data from in the financial industry

Industry Challenges

In a business-as-unusual world like today, the insurance sector still finds itself rife with challenges, both old and new, including:

Insurance organisations are expected to deliver accurate and timely services in a period of unprecedented changes nowadays. However, many traditional systems are architecturally constrained, inflexible, and unavailable for modern concepts.

It is high time that insurance businesses like yours adopted a new complex and robust financial management system that provides easy access to the information and tools needed to effectively manage such a dynamic environment.

Our Solutions

Industry-specific solutions that can help the insurance sector.


TRG Cloud Business Intelligence software solution / Sunsystems cloud backup service

Business Intelligence

Enables organizations to perform, manage complex processes more efficiently and precisely. Connect teams and applications within your network with machine learning technologies.

Solution included:


infor data lake

Data Management

Understand every piece of data you own and the jurisdiction it belongs to using machine learning and robotic processing capabilities. The road to better data management and governance starts here.

Solution included:


Managed IT Services

Systems Integrations

Efficient integration between Infor applications and third-party applications so that overall operational performance is improved with real-time insights.

Solutions included:



IT solutions for Hospitality/ Add business unit to sunsystems


Easily eliminate manual processes, streamline repetitive tasks like journal entries, reporting, creating transactions, approving and more.

Solution included:


IT solutions for Hospitality of TRG / Infor Sunsystems Training / Infor SunSystems Integration

Enterprise Performance Management

With the assistance of our solutions in reporting, planning, and management, you will be able to effortlessly gain a comprehensive view of the entire business at all times

Solution included:


Infor OS

Query & Analysis

Powerful analysis, reporting, and business intelligence application that enables businesses to extract in-depth 24/7 data into one single report.

The decision-making process can now be done even more efficiently with minimal IT involvement, and practically any user in every department.

Solution included:

TRG Talk Virtual: Digital Transformation.

Get additional benefits

Maximise your business growth and be worry-free.

Leave behind all IT administrative headaches and utilize the upsides. We take responsibility for everything a typical IT department would do.

Gain actionable insights at lightning speed using a next-generation BI and Analytics application.

Understand every piece of data you own and the jurisdiction it belongs to using machine learning and robotic processing capabilities.


Imagine your business running in a single, unified platform that solves business problems like integration, automation, data sources, analytics and more.

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