Financial Management

Financial Management Solutions

Our financial management solutions help you to meet the changing regulatory requirements, information requests, and evolving business strategies with confidence.

Our solutions include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, sales order processing, financial and operational reporting and much more.


Handle economic turmoil, changing technology development and business fluctuations with ease.


Quickly respond to requests for internally and externally driven information.

Embedded Analytics

Dashboards, data visualizations, interactive reports and visual workflows to support the decision-making process.

TRG's Own Support Team

We supply you with advanced software and excellent after-sales services.

Global Capabilities

Work with multiple geographic regions on a single platform.

Time Efficiency

Reduce lead time, time to market for better response to ever-changing customer demands.

Software products you need:

Infor SunSystems

Turn information into insight, with this comprehensive Financial Management system and gain the upper hand on the global market.