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Improve profitability, reduce costs and increase revenues the smart way.

Obtain a holistic view of your organisation, speed up the decision-making process, and focus on growing your business with modern intelligent business tools combine with intuitive financial performance management capabilities.

Whether you’re a single hotel or a part of a global chain, you deserve the best business planning and budgeting solution that is proven to be helpful and can potentially transform the way you operate.

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Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management

Measure past performance and forecast activities with modern dynamic EPM software.

Cloud offering by: Cloud

Transform your finance department by providing them with the needed tools to track your strategic activities against your past performance with increased accuracy.

CloudSuite EAM

Helps businesses digitise and optimise maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency.

Cloud offering by: Cloud

CloudSuite EAM automates asset condition monitoring, incorporates innovative workflow, alerts management, A.I., mobility, analytics, IoT, and drone technologies. CloudSuite EAM consolidates all asset data into one single, integrated repository to help improve productivity and profitability.

Hospitality Resource Portal

The hospitality industry in recent years has been experiencing some drastic changes particularly in technologies and consumer behaviours. In this Resource Portal, you'll find almost everything you need to know about the Hotel Industry and the solutions available to aid the hoteliers to march on and thrive in today's ever-changing market.

Leading cloud Business Intelligence.

Cloud offering by: Business Planning 3

Birst is a cloud business intelligence (BI) tool and business analytics software platform that helps organizations understand and optimize complex processes in less time than traditional solutions.

Business Planning 4 OS

Enterprise Toolsets - Workflow, Integration, Document Management

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