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Enhance your guest experience with real-time insights

Hotel operations take more than just a clean, fully furnished room to satisfy each of your guests. By utilising the right technology and the right tool, hoteliers will be able to tailor and enhance the travel experience for guests.

If your hotel does not offer your guests the ability to explore your own property, book tours, or even have a sneak peek into the local attractions, you are at risk of losing your loyal customers to the competitors in the market.

Let us transform your hotel operations to a new level.

Hospitality Management System

Infor HMS is a hotel property management software or PMS System built with the purpose of empowering hoteliers to personalise the guest experience.

Cloud offering by: Operations 1

Your employees will be able to access actionable information about guests and prospects in a timely manner, quickly assess each booking, and offer tailored services accordingly.

Sales & Catering

A cloud-based event catering and event management software that automates the entire booking process.

Cloud offering by: Operations 1

Infor’s Sales & Event Catering software streamlines time-consuming tasks, so you have more time to sell and keep event spaces booked to capacity.

Inquiries are automatically populated into the software from your hotel website, allowing you to create proposals with just a few keystrokes. Infor Sales & Catering features integrate with table and reserved asset management, empowering you to take full advantage of your seating capacity and increase revenue of your hotel and restaurant while reducing asset idle time.

Point of Sale (POS)

A reliable ordering system that fits in the palm of your hands.

Cloud offering by: Operations 3

With HOTTAB POS, you can track your net sales, gross sales, card sales by day, week or months, and also per server or per order to understand your business more.

With the weather, holidays and industry trends integrated with your POS data, HOTTAB POS aims to help you visualise and prepare for the future of your hotel business.

Procure F&B

Check SCM is the Supply Chain Management your property needs and are the current systems of choice of many leading international hotel brands.

Cloud offering by: Operations 4

With advanced features available for purchasing, inventory and supply chain management, top hotels around the globe has come to consider Check as synonymous with cost control.

Revenue Management System

Infor EzRMS allows you to easily manage revenue and yield with automated forecasts and recommendations across properties.

Cloud offering by: Operations 1

Infor EzRMS automatically calculates demand forecasts for each future use of your hotel rooms, and recommend the appropriate selling strategies.

Deep learning and AI algorithms recognise patterns dynamically to ensure the most optimal and accurate business forecasts and pricing recommendations, thus, maximising your yield and profit.

Guest Management

Hoteliers get a holistic view of every customer touch point across the business with CloudSuite CRM.

Cloud offering by: Operations 1

Drive accurate forecasting, informed decision making, and effective team and territory management with a robust selection of analytics, sales management tools, and proactive alerts.

Hospitality Resource Portal

The hospitality industry in recent years has been experiencing some drastic changes particularly in technologies and consumer behaviours. In this Resource Portal, you'll find almost everything you need to know about the Hotel Industry and the solutions available to aid the hoteliers to march on and thrive in today's ever-changing market.

Leading cloud Business Intelligence.

Cloud offering by: Operations 1

Birst is a cloud business intelligence (BI) tool and business analytics software platform that helps organizations understand and optimize complex processes in less time than traditional solutions.

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Enterprise Toolsets - Workflow, Integration, Document Management

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