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With a complex business offering that includes birthday party packages, large group events, and in-house event catering, Shenaniganz selected Infor® Sales & Catering software for its robust platform, dynamic event management capabilities, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.


events managed annually


repeat guest engagements booked


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Product Features

Sales and event catering software in the cloud
Event Calendar

Effectively manage unlimited sites and locations with drag and drop multi-view calendar.

Banquet Event Builder

Create orders and proposals in no time with advanced, single step point-and-click technology.

Online Inquiry

Enable guests to make real-time reservations through the hotel's website, which are automatically tracked and followed up.

Document Creation

Generate professional, customisable event proposals with automatically inserts price, menu, and event information.

Imagine managing every phase of an event, from the initial booking inquiry to the final invoice and everything in between with a cloud-based management solution. This is what describes Infor Sales & Catering - a unique, process-driven design built to prompt users to do the right thing at the right time, make full use of the seating capacity and increase the return on your investment."

"Having both event management and CRM in one system creates huge efficiencies for us. Without it, we'd spend much more on labor and have less business."


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Infor Sales & Catering Management details

Infor’s event catering software streamlines time-consuming tasks, so you have more time to sell and keep event spaces booked to capacity. Inquiries automatically populate into Infor Sales & Catering from your website, enabling you to create proposals with just a few keystrokes. And because Infor Sales & Catering features integrated table and reserved asset management, you can automatically take full advantage of your seating capacity and increase turns while reducing asset idle time.

Event lifecycle management

Infor Sales & Catering is designed to capture every opportunity for events and banquets demands. The solution helps to streamline the process of event management and allows users to get access to operational insights while on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. Users will be focusing on booking more business and delivering great guest service.

Expense and resource controls

Optimise inventory and save costs with Infor Sales & Catering. The solution enables managers to keep tight control on event equipment costs, the labour required to execute the event, and the food and beverage inventory needed for the menu. Its comprehensive reporting and analysis features allow instant access to valuable insights used for examining, adjusting, and improving performance across the business.

Customer relationship management

Take full advantage of Infor Sales & Catering's rich database and CRM features to simplify the process of recognising, personalising, and serving both existing and prospective guests. Infor Sales & Catering acknowledges that every guest is important. Therefore, the software enables the employees to prioritise each customer's needs and offer timely, VIP-grade experience every time.

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