15 Ad Hoc Automated Services for SunSystems

Automate Financial Reporting: Monthly and Yearly

Dynamic Enterprise Performance management d/EPM solution/ automate financial reporting


With Infor SunSystems Programming, automate financial reporting makes it easier to oversee your business' inflows and outflows clearly.

Monthly and Yearly summaries of your financial transactions is critical to know where your money is going, and if income is coming is as expected.

Once you automate your organisation's financial reports, you will find that your understanding of your business and its individual moving will improve drastically. This means that you will be in a better position to discover areas for improvement and which aspects of your operations you should be investing into more.

TRG can help your company utilise SunSystems automation software to its full potential

We are in charge of setting up all the accounts, applications and organise the information needed to make automated financial reporting possible.

This means that you and your workers do not need to be the ones who sort through all of labyrinth of data you might have stored, or plan what you need to make report automation happen. That's our job!

Our IT experts have a step-by-step process that they follow that will make the delivery of this service ready in no time.

Additionally, TRG assists you to automate financial reporting systems by pulling data from other enterprise solutions, and enabling your organisational users access to information all the way down to the transaction level.

With our support, you will also be able to consolidate with multi-entities, giving you greater control of your business' operations and relevant stakeholders.

If you automate financial reporting, it will allow you to eliminate data entry errors, which are typically caused by spreadsheets. This saves your precious time so that you can focus on other critical tasks, while this software runs in the background.

You no longer have to manually write up and fix up those messy financial reports, and leave it to the system to do it for you!

TRG will guide your software operations to make your finance and accounting management more efficient, and in turn help your business become more productive and profitable.

SunSystems Financial Reporting Automation

Dynamic Enterprise Performance management d/EPM solution
TRG Infor SunSystems financial management IT solution

All Ad Hoc Services for SunSystems

Here at TRG International, we specialise in Infor SunSystems Outsourcing - it's through this robust software that we deliver our facilitating services that will propel your business to greater heights.

We offer a wide range of ad hoc services for SunSystems and other valuable tools to boost your organisation's productivity. No matter what your business' specific needs are, we will work relentlessly on our side to lessen your headache around logistics and system synchronisation as much as possible. TRG aims to build trustworthy, long-lasting relationships with our clients and surpass expectations of responsiveness and quality with every ongoing interaction.

We devote ourselves to collaboration and open-communication, as we believe that the best results are produced and customers gain the most value through co-creation.

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