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TRG Cloud Business Intelligence software solution


Everywhere we turn, there is data. The traditional backup and restoration methods are not sufficient enough to manage today's data.

This is where cloud backup comes in, providing the scalability, durability and a highly secure environment to keep all of your valuables safe in the era of digital transformation.

TRG Cloud Backup Service includes following components:

  • Backup storage (called AWS S3): the storage can be under customer AWS account or can be under TRG account but still limited to that customer only
  • Script to upload all selected / pre-defined files or folders to AWS S3 Storage
  • Tool with credential key to view backup files / folders on S3
  • Ability to download the backup file

The backup service includes following activities

  • Setup AWS account and S3 storage
  • Setup the script to upload the predefined the files / folders
  • Support service – via TRG Help


$ 240
annual commitment

$ 240
annual commitment

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