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Are disparate systems slowing down your productivity? TRG provides a comprehensive Infor SunSystems integration service which allows businesses to operate more efficiently and conveniently access wholesome, meaningful information.

The process involves a SunSystems Addon Installation to your existing systems. Without compromising any of your data or internal software, TRG will boost your organisation's productivity by simply augmenting what you already have in place.

Further, our continued dedication to our clients means that we are available for post-installation guidance if needed. Rest with an easy mind that we are ready to help you at any time should you need additional assistance!

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Here at TRG International, we specialise in Infor SunSystems Outsourcing - it's through this robust software that we deliver our facilitating services that will propel your business to greater heights.

We offer a wide range of ad hoc services for SunSystems and other valuable tools to boost your organisation's productivity. No matter what your business' specific needs are, we will work relentlessly on our side to lessen your headache around logistics and system synchronisation as much as possible. TRG aims to build trustworthy, long-lasting relationships with our clients and surpass expectations of responsiveness and quality with every ongoing interaction.

We devote ourselves to collaboration and open-communication, as we believe that the best results are produced and customers gain the most value through co-creation.

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