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Migrate SunSystems to the Cloud

Migrate Sunsystems to the Cloud

Cloud-based Infor SunSystems

Is your company looking to modernise and migrate SunSystems to the cloud? Why not leave the hard work to us? Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the new and improved "cloud version" of your apps when they are ready.

We use the cloud-based Infor SunSystems to reliably transfer your data and systems to online channels, keeping your information safe and sound.

TRG offers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to our IT financial management solutions. We'll take care of everything else. The only hard work that you have to do is to choose which cloud service will best suit your specific needs and budget!


An online Infor SunSystems application lets you scale up depending on your requirements. Servers can quickly scale up if your business is expecting rapid growth thus making your application flexible whereas on-premise SunSystems will require you to buy extra hardware just to increase the usage. With the cloud, you can scale back down seasonally and only pay the resources that you used.

If you migrate SunSystems to the cloud environment, it'll be the central repository of your company’s confidential financial data and as such needs protection at all times. With the proliferation of persistent and advanced cyber threats, it is imperative that your data is protected by enterprise-level security from both within and outside of your company. Stored in the cloud, we provide an extra layer of security by ensuring your data is adequately protected, providing access only to people with the right permissions and tracking usages of the system.

Migrate SunSystems to the cloud by filling in the form, we will get back with help asap.

Why you should migrate SunSystems to the cloud?

Many forward-thinking CFOs have started to move their financial management solutions to the cloud to be more agile and to respond faster to market changes.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid speed, cloud computing is no longer a buzzword and is becoming mainstream. As a result, TRG considers this an advantage and has built up a new solution called SunSystems Cloud. 

When you migrate SunSystems to the cloud, it will be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The cloud version offers the same features as its on-premise counterpart with much better security and more affordable pricing as any cost associated with hardware and infrastructure is now removed. 

You can rest assured that all of your financial data will be well protected against unauthorised access, cyber theft, and leakage; the privacy and security of both individual employees and your organisation are closely monitored and safeguarded. 

AWS Cloud environment is widely known for its secure platform, database storage, content delivery and many other functionalities to help businesses scale and grow.

AWS uses multiple layered controls, continuous validation and testing to ensure the infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and security is updated across any new data centre and service reason why TRG partnered with them and help clients migrate SunSystems to the cloud.

Migrate SunSystems to the cloud

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Here at TRG International, we specialise in Infor SunSystems Outsourcing - it's through this robust software that we deliver our facilitating services that will propel your business to greater heights.

We offer a wide range of ad hoc services for SunSystems and other valuable tools to boost your organisation's productivity. No matter what your business' specific needs are, we will work relentlessly on our side to lessen your headache around logistics and system synchronisation as much as possible. TRG aims to build trustworthy, long-lasting relationships with our clients and surpass expectations of responsiveness and quality with every ongoing interaction.

We devote ourselves to collaboration and open-communication, as we believe that the best results are produced and customers gain the most value through co-creation.

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