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7 questions a CEO should consider before starting an ERP project

Be prepared before you start your ERP project

Infor Cloudsuite, Infor LN
Date: November 11, 2019
Industry: Automotive, Construction, Distribution, Fashion, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail
Product: CloudSuite, CloudSuite Fashion, CloudSuite Industrial, CloudSuite F & B, Infor LN
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7 questions a CEO should consider before starting an ERP project

When a business embarks on an ERP project, there is a lot at stake, particularly if it is the first implementation. The investment is massive. The expectation is high, and so is the risk. At the end of the day, the ultimate responsibility for project success rests with the CEO. Most CEOs are not experts in ERP implementation. Still, their leadership and thoughtful decisions are indispensable to delivering a successful project; thus CEOs must have answers to critical questions before they commit the company’s resources to an ERP project.

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