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9 ways to pull more revenue through your bottom line

Trevor Stuart-hill suggests 9 ways for the hotel industry to face the challenges of rising costs

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Date: September 5, 2019
Industry: Financials, Hospitality
Product: Infor HMS, SunSystems
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9 ways to pull more revenue through your bottom line

Since the beginning of time, demand fundamentals in the hospitality industry have been cyclical. World or regional headlines can have a negative impact on demand for hotel rooms while periods of economic expansion have the opposite effect. Of course, supply growth directly impacts how efficiently demand levels are absorbed at any given point in time. Today, the hospitality industry is at a very unique juncture. According to data from STR, The U.S lodging industry has posted RevPAR growth in thirteen consecutive quarters and 2013’s second quarter occupancy is the highest second quarter absolute occupancy since 2007. On top of this, the construction pipeline is still quite modest for most segments. So with this “perfect storm” why aren’t we seeing significant gains in gross operating profit or net operating income? The answer it seems is that hotel managers are facing a real challenge as it relates to rising costs.

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