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ERP Implementation risks

ERP implementation can be difficult so prepare your business for the process ahead of time

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Date: August 16, 2019
Industry: Banking and Financial, Construction, Distribution, Fashion, Financials, Food & Beverage, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail
Product: CloudSuite, CloudSuite Fashion, CloudSuite Industrial, CloudSuite F & B, Infor LN
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ERP Implementation risk: Identifying, monitioring and remediating issues throughout the project to ensure succes

From hardware and software implementation to support services, organizations spend millions on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. THere is little margin for error when undertaking such a significant investment. If deadlines slip or the ERP system does not function as intended, it can quickly derail busienss decision-maknig, productivity and profitability.

ERP projects are notorious for high failure rates. Enterprises are often under great pressure to complete ERP projects based on tight schedules and budgets, so corner-cutting and missteps often occur. This can lead to costly problems during the implementation process, which can persist long after go-live. Outlined in this paper are some common risks that arise durign the ERP implementation process and recommendations for managing them.

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