TRG Talk: In Person

What is TRG Talk in person?

A TRG Talk in Person is a monthly recurring “in person" event on Digital (formerly Cloud), Talent and Project Management.

TRG Talk Talent Management event

Following TEDx style, our talks are ideally 20 minutes of the main speaker and the rest is pure attendee engagement. To facilitate an informal atmosphere our TRG Talks are typically held at PJs Coffee Vietnam Sala store and where great coffee is available. TRG Talks began in late 2017, initially for Talent, Project Management, Cloud and Accounting.

TRG Talk Accounting was originally held to facilitate the meetup of CIMA members as Rick is a CIMA member, a CIMA Ambassador and at the time was also on the CIMA Regional Board. We suspended this series in 2018 though we are considering re-establishing something similar in the future.

Currently, there are three regular monthly TRG Talks:

We strive to make our TRG Talks a valuable meetup and knowledge sharing for the community by encouraging real case studies experience sharing from speakers as well as participants. Our events are typically free of charge entrance and open to all (subject to available spaces), though with PJ’s Coffee as a co-sponsor they like you to at least buy a coffee!

Co-Host & sponsorship

TRG Talks are co-hosted with BBGV, AMCHAM, CIMA, IPMA Vietnam and of course YOU, we are always open to collaborating with other organisations.

Become a speaker

TRG Talk speakers include TRG, our partners, our friends and of course YOU, we are always open to collaborating with great speakers.

Why's of hosting TRG Talks

Why 1 – As we believe it’s important for communities of like-minded people to form and grow and a key to this is to host regular events. Someone has to do it and so we’re doing it!

Why 2 - More often than not, people find out about a meetup or event, they miss it, or they hear about it after the event. They have a desire to go to that event or a similar event, however, what tends to happen is that since the events are not regular, the next event you also end up missing or don’t hear about it in time. And after a few times of that happening, you sort of give up on it.

Why 3 - Conveniently, we happen to have PJ’s Coffee as one of our business lines (so allow us to be a teensy bit biased) and they have great Coffee  – and we have a great venue too.

Why 4 - We notice, that at more formal events held at Hotels there is limited interaction with the audience. TRG Talks are smaller, less formal, and with great PJ’s Coffee become more interactive

Why 5 – Putting it all together, to us the solution was obvious! We needed to create a regular event at the same time, at the same place, every single month – it needed to be smaller and more informal, in order to drive much greater attendee participation, thus the solution was the TRG Talk, in a TEDx Talk style of ideally about 20 minutes of talking and the rest of the time pure attendee engagement.

Join a TRG Talk

Whatever your Why, TRG Talks are for YOU

Hire our venue

Yes! our conference facilities are available for hire. PJ’s Coffee also caters for events.

How you benefit from TRG Talks


Hone your speaking skills, gain recognition, share your experiences and achievements, connect with other speakers and leaders.


Get the latest insights from experts in your field, network with your peers, share experiences and ideas, drink some great PJ’s Coffee, make new friends.

Where are the events held?

TRG Talks are being held at PJ’s Coffee in Sala, or in our conference rooms above PJ’s Coffee, it’s an ideal location providing an informal and cosy environment with great coffee 😉

We tend to find people are more willing to engage and participate in such an environment. We started out hosting all of our events inside PJ’s Coffee Sala, and as the talks have become more popular and attendee numbers increase we frequently move upstairs to our conference facilities.

Hire PJ’s Coffee to cater for your events

PJ’s Coffee caters for events from 4 to 400 or more.


Missed a meetup or want to know more about the contents of a past event? Look no further. We have compiled a gallery list to help you catch up. Don’t forget to register for one of our upcoming meetups!

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Note: * previously Cloud Enablement Series