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Sales & Customer Services Solutions Overview

Sales & Customer Services are two frontline teams that can "make or break" any business as they are the primary point of contact between the customer and the business. The interaction between them and the customer directly shape the image, perception of business in the customer's mind, which indeed stands behind business reputation and long term success. Further, employees with great sales & customer services skills directly and positively contribute to the organisation financial and sales performance. For these reasons, companies now spend a great deal of effort in recruiting, retaining and developing employees with excellent client-facing skills.

TRG takes pride in our GR8 Sales ad GR8 Customer Service, an excellent duo that allows our clients to evaluate their employee's mindset and skillset through interactive, scientific and psychometric-driven assessments of behaviours, cognitive thinking, interests and sales potentials variables. With these two products, you can select the best candidates for Sales & Customer Services positions and also identify your frontline teams' current strengths and weakness, thus designing a development, training plan to grow further.

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Sales teams are the lifeline of any organization, and sales is also the department with the highest turnover in almost every company. Building a strong, committed and engaged sales team has proven to be an ongoing challenge, yet has attracted surprisingly low investment and focus. When a salesperson leaves, future customers and opportunities leave with them. That’s where we jump in! TRG Talent solutions aim to help you retain and engage your top sales performers while identifying sales potential and charting a development direction for each of them.

Customer Services

In recent years, consumers have become more and more demanding, not only when it comes to the products or services they purchased, but also when it comes to the quality of support and care companies show toward their experiences and satisfaction.

This is why the majority of companies are working relentlessly to build their customer services teams to satisfy every customer's expectations and increase brand loyalty.

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