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About dataBelt®

Organisations can quality check and identify errors, non-conformities and duplications in single or multiple datasets.

The errors and non-conformities can then be transformed and datasets updated into clean and conforming values making datasets consistent and accurate.

dataBelt® has a GDPR application, ensuring clean and accurate data is maintained and can generate a data inventory/map used to identify all data sources and any data content.

Why dataBelt®

dataBelt® is a data compliance and cleansing tool available on-premise or in the cloud, used to create accurate and consistent data for error-free processing.

Only comparative tool in the market

Only tool that can...

→ identify basic dirty data,

→ manage the GDPR process,

→ provide E-Discovery activities, and

→ address different issues around data

For any size or type of organisation

→ 100,000 records can be processed in 2 minutes

→ 100GB search in one or more locations in 5 minutes

Addresses each and every data issue

→ Discover / Map

→ Classify / Index

→ Cleanse / Remediate / Transform

→ Search / Locate/ Compare

→ Merge / Match / Integrate

→ Protect / Assess / Act

→ Comply / Audit

→ Report 

→ Process

→ Manage

360 view of all your assets

→ Detects patterns across your entire network to block attacks, mine and investigate data in real-time.

→ Immediately notifies you about the corrupted data then prioritise actions to assist you in resolving the issue



Search for any data,
structured or unstructured

  • Find all your data assets, whatever they are and wherever they are located
  • Deep search any and all data assets for any data of any type
  • Search Exchange, Google Drive, Drop Box, any servers, fileshares, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, microfiche, images, videos, sound files
  • Find personal information, references, key words, multiple language characters
  • Use AI to match image types and for facial recognition

Fully manage end to end
GDPR and data protection

  • Link Cybereason and dataBelt® to your CMDB and index all your configuration items
  • Understand the sensitivity of all your data and exactly where it is located
  • Map Malops to data assets and know exactly what data is impacted, your risks and vulnerabilities
  • Raise cases and alert your compliance teams
  • Undertake impact assessments
  • Prioritise actions according to sensitivity of data
  • Report incidents

Locate, Identify, Interrogate and Classify your databases with dataBelt® for GDPR clarity

Our dataBelt® plugin to discovery tools – Discovery dB – delivers incredible granularity and classification of data for GDPR.

  • Locate and identify all your databases
  • Create data mapping information
  • Catalogue, interrogate and classify relevant structured and unstructured data in support of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Analyse, update and comply with regulations
  • Ensure continuous improvement
  • Case Management and Risk Assessments to manage data breaches, DSARs, FOIs and data protection by design demands

Here's a non-exhaustive list of
what dataBelt® can help your business with:

Certificate Management

Monitor certificate liabilities, avoid delays or late renewal.

Fraud Detection & Counter Fraud

Detect and prevent suspicious activities, patterns, anomalies.

Deep Search & Data Forensics

Search for and locate any data, i.e. text, audio, images, videos, from multiple data sources in any location.

Big Data & Data Comparisons

Discover and analyse your data to drive business decisions.

Due Diligence M&A

Understand the status of your organisation through data due diligence.

Dataset Migration & Merging

Migrate and merge datasets within and between organisations.

Know/Verify Your Customer

Verify ID, prevent money laundering, check bonafides, criminal charges and more.

Data Hygiene & Compliance

Evaluate the health, compliance, and quality of your data.

EDRM & Regulatory Review

Ensure your valuable assets and handling processes comply with industry EDRM framework and are ready for review.

GRC & Data Protection

Fully manage end-to-end GDPR, PDPA and other data protection regulations.

Data Valuation & Infonomics

Insights into the value, impact and monetisation capability of your data.

Data Snapshot & Disposition

Set up a hierarchy for all data assets, inventory and flow charts.


Identify vulnerable data & prioritise actions accordingly.

Data Indexing & Classification

Crawl, index, and classify structured or unstructured datasets.

Records & Document Management

Store and organise your records and documents for easy tracking and transferring.

Experience dataBelt

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and advanced capabilities to manage your data, prevent frauds and transform your business.

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