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Infor® CloudSuite Food & Beverage gives your business a modern digital platform to enable future growth. Less hassle, more value, and true business agility.

About Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage

CloudSuite Food & Beverage has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations, financial, and compliance requirements.

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Financial Management

Increase your financial insight with complete visibility and compliance across your businesses.

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Asset Management

Integrate the planned maintenance with the production planning and execution activities.

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Make intelligent purchasing decisions with a dashboard with all the information right in your fingertips.

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Manufacturing & Scheduling

Allows you to schedule production to minimize downtime and effectively manage variances and yield.

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage offers the tools to accelerate food and beverage manufacturers' global supply chains, help bring new products to market faster, and implement efficiencies across the board.

Cloud solution for F&B business

CloudSuite Food & Beverage gives you end-to-end capabilities—fully integrated because that’s the way software should be, delivered in the cloud to give you ultimate security and flexibility, and infused with deep industry-specific functionality so you can say good bye to costly and limiting customizations.

Transform your business with Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage

Don’t miss this chance to learn how CloudSuite Food & Beverage can help dramatically simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce your total cost of ownership, and help you build a flexible, scalable engine for your future-proof digitally driven organization.

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Cloud solution for F&B business

Manufacturing operations and product development

→ Forecasting and demand planning
→ Production planning and scheduling
→ Shelf-life and seasonality management
→ Recipe management, least cost formulation
→ Integrated label compliance
→ Advanced product lifecycle management

Supply chain management

→ Raw materials/ingredient inventory visibility
→ End-to-end traceability
→ Warehouse & distribution management

Analytics and Reporting

→ Intuitive, built-in reporting tools
→ Networked business intelligence
→ Modern UI and productivity tools

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" With manufacturing plants across the country producing a variety of products, we needed a solution that would not require customization. We appreciate Infor’s partnership and ability to address the complexities of unifying our technology system"


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More features:

CloudSuite Food & Beverage has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations, financial, and compliance requirements. This complete, yet flexible solution offers deep, proven, end-to-end capabilities for all your critical processes so you can focus on quality, growth, and profitability.

Warehouse Management

Get the capabilities you need to automate common processes in the warehouse and on the production floor, ranging from goods receiving, pick & pack, dispatch, inventory transfers, physical inventory counts, and manufacturing order reporting.

Sales Order Management

Maximize your global sales through a sophisticated sales order management system that serves as the hub for your customer and pricing information. You’ll
be able to enter orders more quickly and accurately, easily manage EDI orders as well as intense order volumes in tele-sales environments.

Demand Planning

Improve delivery performance, reduce excess finished goods inventory, and avoid product obsolescence. With automated forecasting that uses mathematical forecasting models, you can create an unlimited number of forecasting methods. In addition, planners can track all promotional activity to monitor progress and adjust forecasted demand, as required.

Quality and compliance

Ensure that the sourcing and production of food products safely meet national and international reporting and compliance requirements—including ingredient and nutritional declarations.

Product Life Cycle

Streamline the development of new products, speeding time-to-market, improving quality, and reducing development costs.

Flexibility to grow – anywhere

Make your company more flexible and gain the upper hand on the global market

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