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Acquire 24/7 access to real-time information to make the right decisions at the right time.


About Infor
Query and Analysis (Q&A)

Infor Query & Analysis (Q & A) is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency set of business intelligence tools that is powerful, flexible, secure, and easy to use.

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time, Q & A makes it easy for non-technical users to analyse business data and accurately measure performance.

It also helps your company generate a fast return on your investment with the ability to:


Get users up and running very quickly with minimal IT involvement


Display a better understanding of trends, patterns, and exceptions.


Infor Q & A Provide answers to critical business questions on demand.


The Infor SunSystems Query & Analysis family of ad-hoc query and reporting tools includes:
Infor Query and Analysis (Vision) 1
Infor BI Query & Analysis

Providing you with a single working area within the popular MS Excel environment allowing you to drill down, breakout and expand views at both a detailed transactional level and/or summary level.

Infor Query and Analysis (Vision) 2
Infor Q & A Context

A centralised platform for collaboration, where real-time information is shared and conversations are organized into streams across the enterprise.

Infor Query and Analysis (Vision) 3
Infor Q & A Datalink Studio

Including a number of pre-built, dynamic, intelligent business logic metadata layers that link directly to the enterprise data of other systems.

Infor Query and Analysis (Vision) 4
Infor Q & A Alert

Create, edit, and schedule tasks, and then let this tool automatically manage, run, and distribute reports based on scheduled events

Infor Query & Analysis BI Dashboards

Approve transactions, drill down to transactional details, and monitor business performance anytime, from anywhere.

Product Highlights


Users can get up-and-running quickly with minimal training and technical skill because the software is integrated with Excel.


The software requires minimal IT support and involvement, as such, maintenance is easier, too.

Employee empowerment

With a deep connection to data throughout your organization, any department can harness this powerful, ad-hoc querying and analysis tool.


Built on the same technology platform as other Infor solutions, you’ll have the flexibility and the scalability to quickly integrate Infor Q & A with your existing Infor and non-Infor solutions.

Flexibility to grow – anywhere

Make your company more flexible and gain the upper hand on the global market

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