Frequently Asked Questions


Executives need to know all the benefits that assessments offer organisations in order to decide whether to invest in this resource. We have compiled Frequently Asked Questions based on common questions received from Profiles International's executive clients, with a particular focus on return on investment and productivity.

Questions covered in this section include:

  • How will assessing employees make my organisation more competitive?
  • Will using profiling assessments increase our legal risk?
  • Can we customise your assessments to reflect our unique culture?

Please choose your preferred category:

Executive Leaders

We know you make decisions based what makes sense and adds significant value to the company. Investing in job assessments not only benefits the company financially, but it also provides the opportunity for organisations to better train and develop their employees.


HR & Training Leaders

Human Resource Managers and Training Leaders usually want to know the details of the job assessment process before its implementation.



Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers care about how Profiles’ assessments can streamline and improve the pre-hiring and interview process.



Sales & Services Managers

Sales and Services Managers want to hire, promote, and develop the best employees.



General FAQs

General questions on the application of our solutions