Executive Leaders

We know you make decisions based on what makes sense and adds significant value to the company. Investing in job assessment tests not only benefits the company financially but also provides the opportunity for organizations to better train and develop their employees.

Here are some questions we often get from executive leaders:

1. How will assessing employees help my business?

Job assessments provide managers and executives with a greater understanding of the characteristics and tendencies of their employees. Profiles’ assessments enable organisations to: match applicants with jobs that fit their characteristics, understand strengths and limitations for successful onboarding, and identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximise their long-term contribution to the organisation. This reduces costs associated with employee absenteeism and turnover, minimises disruptions to customers, coworkers, and operations, and improves overall workforce productivity.

2. How much do assessments cost? What is the "total cost of ownership" of the programme?

The cost depends on the type of assessment you need and the volume that you will consume. Profiles International SEA gives you the option of paying a flat quarterly fee for unlimited use of any assessment, or you can pay for each assessment individually. Most coaching, training and other assistance from your Client Service Executive is included in the cost of the assessment. You will rarely incur additional costs after the assessment has been purchased. Your Client Service Executive is always available to help you with any problems you may have understanding the assessment results or administering the assessment to an employee.

3. Will assessments help support our strategic initiatives?

Profiles’ assessments work well with strategic initiatives that involve people-related decisions, such as succession planning, workforce growth or contraction, selection of individuals or teams, Six Sigma, and many others. After learning how to use assessments to help support these efforts, you will have more informed managers and motivated employees who will help support the goals of the organisation.

4. Have your assessments solved problems similar to the issues in my business?

Profiles International works with businesses from many different industries such as: hospitality, healthcare, financial services, sales, customer service, business services and for-profit education (just to name a few). With tens of thousands of clients, we have significant experience to help with your company. Some of our products target specific industries or occupations, such as the Profiles Sales Assessment™ and the Customer Service Profile™ (Click on name for a more detailed description of each assessment or click here for a list of all the assessments).

5. Can I customise your assessments to reflect the unique culture of my company?

Yes! Profiles’ assessments can be adapted to your unique culture, organisational structure and job descriptions, and in most situations for no additional cost. The ProfileXT® has a unique Job Matching feature that allows you to evaluate an individual based on qualities required to perform successfully in a specific job, even down to the region, department, office, or even manager. For example, the characteristics of a successful sales representative in the North may be very different from a successful representative in the South. We can help you understand these differences so you can select and develop according to what works in your organisation. Your Profiles client service executive will guide you through this entire process.

6. How will these assessments lower costs and provide a significant return on investment?

There are many financial benefits of using Profiles’ assessments, including:

  • Reduced costs associated with employee turnover and absenteeism
  • Lower recruiting and hiring costs
  • Lower training and development costs
  • Faster time to full productivity
  • Improved sales performance and customer loyalty

Actual results depend on the organisation. However, after only a few years using our assessments, one of our clients in the hospitality industry now spends one-fifth of what they used to on hiring expenses. A financial services company started using ProfileXT® and the Job Match feature and discovered their ROI to be $100 for every $1 spent. Assessments also provide benefits that aren’t easily measured. Profiles’ assessments help you save time, energy and effort in the hiring and development of your employees.

7. How would the assessment process work in my organisation?

Every Profiles’ client is assigned a dedicated client service professional and given access to one of the largest teams of assessment support experts in the world. Your client services executive will guide you through every aspect of bringing your assessment solution to life in your organisation. This includes:

  1. Understanding the assessment solution and how it works for your organisation.
  2. Guiding your organisation through the implementation process which is customised for your needs and goals.
  3. Training your team to use the system and assessment reports. No formal credentialing is required, however training is offered to become a certified user. Measuring your results, and refining your processes and performance models.
  4. Applying insights from your assessments to improve organisational performance.

Once the system is implemented, authorised employees, such as hiring managers or HR administrators may schedule candidates through your online Profiles Assessment Center. Candidates take their assessments online at their convenience. It is not necessary to proctor the assessment. Upon completion, the system scores the assessment immediately, and notifies the hiring manager to retrieve the report of his or her choice. Reports are easy to read and require only minimal training for use.

8. Can assessments be implemented and sustained within the operating rhythm of my company?

Absolutely. You can determine when, where and how the assessments will be implemented, and move as fast or slow as you feel comfortable. Some of our clients choose to begin with a pilot project in a designated department or elect to assess only new employees. This can help clients to prove the concept, create a business case, and learn more about what is required to support the initiative across the entire enterprise.

9. What resources do I need to commit to support the programme?

Resources vary with the size and scope of the implementation. Most of our clients assign a human resources professional or team to manage the process in their organisation. This individual works with their Profiles client services team to implement the process and train hiring managers and users. Hiring managers benefit tremendously from the training we offer, which can be conducted at your convenience.

10. Should I assess current employees or just prospective employees?

We recommend you eventually assess all employees because this will give you information to help them maximise their potential and contribution to your organisation. This includes:

  • Putting people in the right jobs
  • Helping managers lead, coach, train, and motivate effectively
  • Ultimately help employees achieve greater productivity and profitability
  • Assessing current employees is the best way to identify the differences between top performers and other performers who are struggling.
11. Is it legal?

In a word -- Yes. We invest heavily in ongoing research and development to ensure that our assessment instruments exceed all employment assessment guidelines. Our assessments exceed the thirteen requirements set by the Department of Labour for assessments and meet all of the EEOC, ADA, DOL and Civil Rights Act requirements. The assessments are also monitored to ensure no gender, age, or ethnic bias.

12. How do we get started?

One simple phone call will get you in touch with one of our consultants who can help answer any additional questions about any of our services. Call us at (84-8)38236900 (ext: 127) or email to support@profiles-sea.com.