HR & Training Leaders

Human resource managers want to get more out of the people in their company and help employees work more efficiently. Our assessments are easy to implement and impact the bottom-line. Unlike some hiring tools, Profiles’ assessments don’t stop once a candidate is hired. We offer training and coaching reports that help develop the employees in your organization on an ongoing basis.

Here are some questions we often receive from HR and training leaders:

1. What types of assessments do you offer?

Profiles International SEA offers a full line of assessments to help your organisation select the right people and develop them to their full potential. These include:

  • Customisable job-fit assessments to help you select and develop people in specific managerial, technical, sales or service jobs in your organisation.
  • Four-quadrant type personality assessments for motivating and coaching employees, and resolving post-hire conflict and performance issues.
  • 360-Degree multi-rater assessments, used primarily to improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers in your organisation.
  • Managerial and team-fit assessments to help improve alignment, interpersonal relationships, and workforce productivity.

Our assessments are designed to work together and are administered from a single platform for maximum convenience, utility, and efficiency.

2. Can I customise your assessments to reflect the unique culture of my organisation?

Yes! Profiles’ assessments can be adapted to your unique culture, organisational structure and job descriptions, and in most situations for no additional cost. The ProfileXT® assessment has a unique Job Matching feature that allows you to evaluate an individual based on qualities required to perform successfully in a specific job, even down to the region, department, office, or even manager. For example, the characteristics of a successful sales rep in the North may be very different from a successful rep in the South. We can help you understand these differences so you can select and develop according to what works in your organisation. Your Profiles client service executive will guide you through this entire process.

3. Are your assessments scientifically valid and reliable?

Yes. We take the science behind our assessments very seriously and invest heavily to do so. We employ a team of full-time psychologists and psychometricians who conduct ongoing research and development to ensure that our assessment instruments exceed all employment assessment guidelines. Our assessments exceed the thirteen requirements set by the Department of Labour for assessments and meets all of the EEOC, ADA, DOL and Civil Rights Act requirements. The assessments are also continually monitored to ensure no gender, age, or ethnic bias. Our assessments are reliable and valid based on rigorous scientific standards.

4. How do I administer your assessments in my organisation?

All of our assessments are administered and delivered online. No proctoring is required so you can assess employees and job candidates anywhere there is Internet access. You will simply direct the employee, or prospective employee, to your company’s branded online assessment centre to complete the assessment. Results are available immediately and can be shared with any member of your organisation anywhere in the world for no additional cost.

5. What kind of support can I expect to ensure the process succeeds?

We are fully committed to your success. Your first level of support is your company’s Client Service Executive who will help you maximise the capabilities of your assessments. Your Client Service Executive will spend time learning about your organisation and create a plan that best suits your organisation’s needs and goals. You will also receive training from Profiles International to learn how to read the reports and use the information provided from the assessments.

6. Do we need a clinical psychologist to deliver the results?

No. The results are available immediately following the assessment. You will be trained to read the reports, understand the data and what to do with the information. You will be able to decide which reports to show your employees or potential employees. The reports are simple, clear and designed to be used without the assistance of a psychologist or statistician. Since you will not require the services of a clinical psychologist, you will not need to pay retainers and ongoing fees for professional consultation. This significantly lowers your assessment program’s “total cost of ownership”.

7. How do you charge for your assessments and support services?

Price varies depending on the type of assessment you require and the volume that you consume. Most clients require their own branded Profiles Assessment Center (PAC), which is their on-line assessment administration system. There is a nominal one-time set-up fee and an annual hosting fee for this system.

Your PAC contains your assessment meters. If you expect to use a low volume, you can pre-purchase a specific number of assessment meters, and every time you assess an individual, you consume a meter. If you expect to use a high volume, you can choose to pay a flat quarterly fee for as many assessment meters as you require.

8. Is this solution cost competitive with alternatives?

Yes, especially when you consider the total cost of ownership of your assessment solution. We charge a one-time set-up fee, an annual hosting fee and then a fee for the assessments you consume. Most of our clients elect to go with our flat-rate, unlimited use contracts. All standard support is included. Beware of hidden costs some assessment company’s charge, such as certification fees, consulting fees for the design of competency models, or professional fees for the interpretation of your assessments. Our solutions are very cost competitive and deliver an excellent return on investment.

9. What additional training and support do you provide?

During the implementation process, your Client Service Executive will provide training to help you and your organisation learn how to use the assessments. The training continues through the first month with webinars and conference calls with your CSE. Your CSE is always available to help you with any questions you may have concerning your assessments. Profiles International also provides live training at different locations around the world for clients who want additional help with topics such as succession training, leadership development and job pattern matching.

While no professional credentialing is required, Profiles offers training to become a Certified User of our products. This training provides a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the development, structure, and use of Profiles’ products. Your CSE can assist you if you are interested in this certification.

10. What types of reports are available?

The reports depend on the assessment, and many assessments provide several different reports to meet your needs. These may include:

  • Placement reports
  • Interview Guides
  • Performance Model Comparison reports
  • Executive Leadership reports
  • Management, Training and Coaching reports
  • Team analysis and compatibility reports
  • Managerial compatibility reports
  • Strategic Workforce Planning reports [Succession Planning]
  • Custom reports, and many more

We write our reports in plain talk so that they are very easy for HR Directors and front-line managers to use with their people. They are so simple that your managers do not have to be credentialed to effectively use the reports to their fullest extent.

11. Will you enhance my credibility in this organization because of your credibility?

Profiles International goes through extensive efforts to make sure that each of our assessments are valid and measure exactly what they intend to measure. By using our assessments, you have a time-tested, reliable resource to help you make better decisions concerning new hires and the development of people at your organisation. This helps you help your organisation make better personnel decisions, reduce hiring mistakes, improve management effectiveness, and increase workforce productivity, engagement and satisfaction.

You will also find that over time our assessments give you a common language and objective data to manage talent more strategically. Using the assessments provides you measurable, quantitative data that shows the return on investment and lower costs the assessments provide your organisation. Therefore, YOU have a significant, measurable influence on the

12. How will we know it is working?

Your Profiles client services executive will help you to establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) that align with your objectives. Then, they will help you establish benchmarks and goals to track your progress and return on investment. Some of the more popular KPI’s that deliver hard cost savings and productivity improvements include:

  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Reduce time-to-hire and overall recruiting expenses
  • Increases employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Increase sales performance, quota attainment, and customer loyalty
  • Increase return on training and development investment
13. How do we get started?

One simple phone call will get you in touch with one of our consultants who can help answer any additional questions about any of our services or products. Call us at (84-8)38236900 (ext: 127) or email to support@profiles-sea.com.